The voice transmission service has undergone many changes. It is a technique of communication to attract a massive number of potential buyers. Previously, a person or a company could transmit their voice only via telephone calls; now they can spread their voice via emails. The voice transmission service not only enlarges business and enhance sales but also creates a reputation and friendliness of any company in the market. This marketing strategy is economic so that the voice sms price is very less.

With any voice transmission service, people or any company can launch voice messages to hundreds and thousands of call receivers at a one time. This technology can be helpful for both commercial companies and community service suppliers because with this they can target potential customers of the companies. Besides, the government occasionally utilises the Voice Transmission Service for urgent situation alerts and offers information such as the renewal of rules and strategies for the general public. Political leaders and parties also broadcast their voice to manipulate the general public to cast their votes in favour of their party. This transmission system can also handle a large number of databases, including the information and details of all contacts.

How Voice transmission service is helpful in any organisation

  • Notification calls
  • Emergency alerts
  • Call reminder for appointments or payments due
  • Political calls to obtain the votes of the general public.
  • Surveys and interactive surveys
  • Health assessment calls
  • Generate cables
  • Promote events
  • Feedback forms or surveys
  • Provide order status updates

A company can install the Voice Transmission Service with just a single touch and quickly provide to their customers with the information they want to convey. The voice message can customise as per the company need.

Features bulk voice SMS service –

  • Broadcast company’s voice message to thousands of recipients of calls directly.
  • Add a personal touch to any company’s marketing campaign.
  • Schedule the voice campaigns and show notifications
  • Reach a large target audience for promotional purposes in different regional languages.
  • Reports in real time

Advantages of SMS voice transmission services in bulk –

  • Very efficient for marketing.
  • Get immediate reply from the target audience
  • Give announcement when necessary
  • Extremely useful for the promotion of a product or service to reach a large audience
  • Easily calculate the response of the promotional campaign.
  • Very useful to produce quality leads and business opportunities.

The bulk voice sms campaign is widely uses for lead creation, political campaign promotions, notification of events ,voter registration, event notifications, vote reminders, fundraising, product promotions, medication reminders, service reminders, announcements, wake-up calls , reminders such as EMI, premium of insurance, marketing products and services, meeting alerts, inventory alerts, etc. Many of today’s vendors have chosen Voice SMS as a means of promotion to arrive at the massive audience in their regional language to generate a personal touch. Besides, about 90% of the population that does not speak English or any other specific language, vendors/companies chose mass voice SMS or outgoing dialer; as a result to exchange a few words with customers in their language.