The popularity of USB-C hub has increased exponentially because laptop devices are getting rid of port construction within the computer device. This definitely saves space and work. Nowadays people are moving towards making life simpler with the application of technology and multiport is one such device that offers ease and maximum usability.

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Now the port slots are combined into a relatively small device which when connected to the computer device will allow the connection of SD cards and USB cables and also supports the function of charging.

The rise in the usage of USB C hub

The USB C hub definitely supports utmost functionality, and this can be regarded as the discernable reason for its popularity. Laptop companies are also boosting the sale of this product by removing slots from the newly designed devices. The re-launch of the MacBook series revealed an exquisite notebook sans ports. This further prompted the use of USB-C hub.

Multiport systems well-suited for MacBook

Multiple multiport devices are available for devices, and many USB-c hub for MacBook Pro are also easily available in the market. A few MacBook compliant USB-C hubs are discussed below:


  • Eight ports in one device


The most suitable multiport offered by USB C hub is the one which can support 8 in 1 function. In this type of port, there are three ports for USB, two slots available for SD card as well as micro SD card, charging port for PD, HDMI video port with a 4K output and also a port for Ethernet. Data transmission takes place at high speed which is up to 5 Gbps which means that anything can be transferred from the SD card storage to the Macbook device within a short span of time. This multiport can be used with the MacBook notebooks which range from 12 inches to 15 inches in size. As it is a portable multi-port tool, it can be carried anywhere easily.


  • Five different ports


For people who do not need the eight multiports, they can opt for another type of multi-port which has five places. This gadget is suitable for the Pro series of notebooks offered by MacBook. Two ports are present can be used for inserting a USB drive and/or cable. Separate slots are present for using SD cards. The power output of this device is about 100 W. Fine quality aluminum is used for fashioning this multiport. Aluminum makes this device all the more light and also give this device a superior texture. The ports present can work together and therefore enable multiple functions at the same time. Colorful options are also present so a person can choose a particular colored USB-C hub multiport.

The USB-C hub has revolutionized the meaning of portability and enhanced multiple functioning. It is not unusual for individuals to be engaged with multiple tasks at the same time in today’s world so the gadgets also have to be configured as per the fast-paced, active life of the current generation and the USB-C hubs are particularly created to serve that purpose.


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