Look at that small wonder right in the palm of your hand! Your smartphone has tons of capabilities – you can use it to talk to someone across the world in just a few taps! That’s just one example of the amazing things you can do with cell phones.

But like all good things, cell phones sometimes come to an end. Then it’s time to either get rid of your smartphone or look for cell phone repair. We think that unless the phone is completely shot, you should go ahead and try to fix your phone – it was a significant investment and you can probably sell it or give it away to someone it would mean a lot to.

But wait! You might not even have to go to the repair shop. There are some settings you can check to troubleshoot problems that will commonly pop up.

Help! My Cell Phone is Super Slow and Sometimes the Display Freezes

This is likely due to a pesky app that’s consuming more memory than it should.

First, you should close the app by accessing recently used apps and shut it down properly. This will make some more memory available on your phone.

You can also clear your phone’s cache with the help of an app like CCleaner. Cache is just temporary data that’s kept on your phone, and it’s safe to clear up – doing this can speed up your phone.

Consider buying some extra storage like an SD card, because your phone’s storage might be too full which is slowing down your device.

Another issue to consider is connectivity. Your internet connection could be slowing down your phone, not an app or lack of storage. Try switching from wi-fi to data connection and see if your phone speeds up.

But what happens if your phone freezes and refuses to come back to life? Force your phone to restart by holding down the appropriate buttons for your make and model.

If all else fails, do a factory reset. Unlike clearing the cache, a factory reset will wipe all of the data on your phone so make sure you have a dependable backup before you do this.

Unfortunately, sometimes the hardware on your phone has just gotten too old and with each OS update, your phone will just get slower. If this is the case, think about selling it to a cell phone repair shop that might repurpose it and give you store credit.

Help! Somebody Stole My Cell Phone

Well, this situation makes cell phone repair kind of a moot point but there are settings you can adjust on your phone to help you when you lose it or if it gets stolen.

There’s an app for each major line of smartphone – both Apple and Google have “Find my Phone” apps that you should download and activate.

There are a number of third party apps too that will protect you in the case of loss or theft. It might be hard to recover your phone with these apps if it is stolen, but you can protect your identity by removing all of the information on your phone from a remote location.

If it’s lost, you can also set up your phone to ring so that you can find it using these apps.

If you’d like, you can adjust your lock screen settings to make sure your phone will be okay in case you leave it somewhere or it gets stolen. Choose not to display any sensitive notifications to fire off on your lockscreen, and set up the lockscreen to say something along the lines of “Please text this number to get me back to my owner,” using the number of a friend or family member.

If you’re lucky, your misplaced phone will fall into the hands of a good Samaritan who will go ahead and text this number. Just make sure you meet this person in a public place to collect your phone.

Finally, you can set your phone to go to sleep quickly after you put it down – say, after fifteen seconds of inactivity. After it goes to sleep, you can lock the screen. The quicker your screen locks, the harder it is for someone with bad intentions to swipe your phone and poke around inside without needing a passcode.

Help! My Battery Won’t Hold a Charge

You’re going to need juice if you want your phone to work. The battery might be the most frustrating piece of your cell phone – because its life seems to dwindle at excessive speeds no matter what make or model of smartphone you have.

If your phone is taking a long time to fully charge or if it dies within a few hours, clean out your app drawer. Getting rid of apps you aren’t using will save you battery.

Next, reduce the brightness of your cell phone’s display, and set the screen to timeout quickly while it is not in use.

You can also choose to optimize apps for battery maximization through settings of newer phones if you would like.

As we’ve seen, it’s annoying when our cell phones act up, but by adjusting certain settings, we can avoid the need for cell phone repair and keep our beloved gadget for another day.