That’s easy to spend too much on smartphones on that day. Apple’s top-end iPhone X, iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone SMS Max can cost you thousands, and Samsung’s high-end Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 Not cheap.

Thank you, nowadays, it’s easier to actually find cheap and more budget-friendly alternatives for these flagship devices than before them. List of common features among mid-level devices and premiums is increasing, while the quality of the quality is continuing to reduce.

Here is the latest list of our top 10 best Android and Apple phones that you can find under $ 600.

Please note – We use all world prices from the Shopbot and, as soon as possible, some of our round-ups can surprise you.

1. Nokia 8 ($699 RRP, $455 actual)

Nokia 8 was quite smart when it’s the first time its price is on the price of the HDD-based HDMI global. He had a snap dragon 835 processor, 5.3 inch QHD display and a 13-megapixel dual-double lens camera on his name. Now, with a year of rebuke behind it, it’s still more annoying.

As we mentioned in our Nokia 8 review, “It brings together solid icons, crisp cameras and exquisite form factor.” As an experience, it does not make sense, but small objects of disable The pile never comes near to get out of the list of things. ”

2. BlackBerry KEYOne ($699 RRP, $519 actual)

Blackberry KEYO comes on its signature keyboard when it’s still massive non-challenge. This is just the mainstream windows brand to feature physical keyboard, and last month’s last month due to the KEYOne price loss means you do not have to pay a high price for it.

As we analyzed our tool at this time, “While it will not suit everyone, it is one of the best Android phones on the market, on occasion, it’s a year’s birthday phone. All the old BlackBerry users left for Android and iPhone have a very viable way back in Blackberry, even with fans with new customers and Keone.

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3. Moto Z ($699 RRP, $395 actual)

The hot Z was Motola’s first attempt while offering a flagship android smartphone, in which the company’s Motto mode is associated with environmental related items. Although something comes with less difficulties, just like in the absence of headphones jack, still likes it here – and double in cost.

As we launched launches in our device, “We’re Real here: Motto X was the best line of smartphones, but never especially exclusively.” The second hot, Motto X There is a leak in Toyota: It is a strong, trustworthy enthusiastic tool that promises luxury extra bits. In the case of hot z, these luxury promises are thick-mode. ”

4. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ($679 RRP, $419 actual)

Although this is not the lack of infinity display lamp found in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge still holds its highest part. It is equipped with Samsung’s Exynos 8890 quad-core processor, 4GB ram and internal storage.

In our review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge, we said, “Samsung has not changed the wheel with the S7 and S7 edge. It’s analytical updates that also set up the power offered last year. Addressing the deficiency of the S7 and S7 edge, new features like water resistance and mass storage, as well as improved battery life and cameras. If you try to make decisions between the two models , We recommend that you spend $ 100 extra money and get the S7 edge unless the above sides disturb you. ”

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5. Xperia XZ Premium ($904 RRP, $569 actual)

If we talk about raw discounts, Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Last year, Sony’s flagship flagship flag is hard to see. The last year’s Qualcomm Snap Dragon is armed with 835 processor, IP68 rating against water loss, 4K HDR display and Sony Motion AID camera, is far away.

As we said in reviewing our device, “This is not a complete winner, but it is another wonderful weak perspective in which any failures and any kind of competition are troubled by Another great round with makes makes even more attractive. ”

6. HTC U Ultra ($699 RRP, $360 actual)

Although it’s started with a price tag which actually had Samsung Galaxy flag stores, HTC’s U Ultra Smartphone still buys budget such as UltimateLX 1X and Nokia 3.1.

It is the same curved liquid glass design, which is found in the most modern flagship devices such as HTC U11 and HTC U12 +, Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, 5.7 inch display and a 12-megapixel rear camera.

7. OnePlus 5 ($699 RRP, $589 actual)

This year’s basic promise has been shown that the same performance can be offered because more expensive rivals have raised the price asked for their recent flagship apps. However, if you are still seeing the experience of this classic low cost, high value populace, one plus 5 is still a good option.

As we said in our review, “WinPl5 5 saves perfectly on the brand promise to promote flagship level aesthetics and performance at exactly the reset price, but cold cold math enters itself out of it. It does not work perfectly. There is no more innovation here, just one phone that works. Fortunately, if you think everyone is getting the best performance for the best price, one plus 5 moving There will be a difficult deal. ”

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8. iPhone 7 ($899 RRP, $569 actual)

It can be multiple generations, but iPhone 7 is still a decent enough phone and thanks for the cost of price pricing, is far cheaper than that. IPhone 7 buys you in Apple Environmental System, with 12-megapixel camera with optical image stability and 12 megapixel camera features with IP67 rating against water and dust damage. There is a disorder headphone jack presence.

Still, in our review of iPhone 7, we said, “Finally, this is a decent phone that has a great deal on the basis of which Apple environment is based on the cost of you.”

9. Google Pixel ($899 RRP, $550 actual)

Although Google has moved its first-generation pixel smartphones, even though you are after pure software experience, it is absolutely worth all of them. Google Pixel is still a strong corridor snap dragon 835 processor and HDR better camera that can capture itself against many modern smartphones.

In our review at the beginning, we said, “If Pixels look better and / or better battery is offered better and do not come to Australia for taxpayers, then call us the best in the market as this is the best The phone is recommended. However, when technically it is the best round phone on the market, many people will be happy that hundreds of dollars are going to be better value, almost good, old alternatives. ”

10. Oppo R11s ($559 RRP, $479 actual)

If you like everything about Apple’s latest iPhones, but the price can be Oppo R11s for you. The OP has made their brand around offering their experience, which is usually for Apple users, to benefit from Android’s open-ended system and offering similar and intuitive interface. The Oppo R11s contain a 6-inch ultra-wide 18: 9 AMOLED FHD + display and comes powerful by a Qualcomm Snap Dragon 660 processor and 4GB ram.

In our tool review, we said “As an alternative to the iPhone 8, it is easy to recommend the R11s – performance is good, the camera vein is very good, this is a great construction standard and a slow feeling factor. “