May 9, 2021

Huawei Mate X2 review


Huawei is now officially on its third generation of foldable display phones with the Mate X2. We’ve seen major technological strides with these products since the original Mate X came out in 2019. The Mate X2, in particular, marks a whole new take on foldables for the Chinese giant – a move away from the outward-folding design on the Mate X and Mate Xs and on to an inward-folding paradigm, much like what Samsung pioneered with its Fold line.

Well, if the inward fold is the form factor consumers prefer, now that we’ve seen the industry settle on this common design, we’ll also probably see the tech mature faster and become more affordable in the process.

Unfortunately, the Mate X2 is not the foldable for the masses that many of us desire. Instead, it is still very much a halo device, meant to impress and showcase more than anything else. In fact, it might just be even more unattainable than its predecessors, seeing how it is currently only sold in China, with no official intention of expanding availability and that the still ongoing US sanctions mean no Google Play Services and severely handcapped chipset manufacturing capabilities. And this is all before we even start to consider the Mate X2’s eye-watering price tag of around EUR 2300.

We felt like these are important points to make before we start drooling over the Mate X2’s exquisite hardware. The Mate X2 is an amazing device, and here’s a quick recap of its main specs.

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