Recent years have witnessed big changes as regards communication methods. Landline phones are being replaced with mobile sets that are in great demand these days. Many crazy guys buy new phones and dispose of the old ones to the guys that are unable to afford the new pieces. It is recommended to check the viability of second hand phones before buying the same as few pieces could be defective or too old.

Buying tips – Guys intending to buy used phones should emphasize the following points:

  1. Bills – It is suggested to demand the original bills of the used phones that you wish to buy from someone or from a shop. Match the document with the used phone and the relevant details should be compatible with the invoice and the phone too. Many clever guys could dupe you with fake documents, so check the same with great care.
  2. Box and accessories – New phone sets are nicely wrapped in perfect packets. Do demand the containers when you buy the used pieces. That would be proof that you are buying the originally used phone. Likewise, ask for the chargers and other accessories that should also be intact. Demand for the manuals too.
  3. Packing – Ensure that the second hand phone purchased by you is nicely packed in the container, meant for the same. Avoid buying loose phone set.
  4. Warranty – It is recommended to purchase the used phone for which the vendor or manufacturer had given the warranty period at the time of sale. You could be compensated in the event of anything going wrong with the piece during the warranty period.
  5. Erase old data – Many careless guys sell used phones without deleting the old data from them. As such the buyers should delete the same.
  6. Repairs – Minor defects go on occurring with the phones that are often sold by the guys that wish to purchase new sets. As such it is for the buyers that they get the defective phones nicely repaired before putting them to use. Approach the qualified and experienced phone repairers or engineers.
  7. Right time – Many mobile phone selling websites fix certain days for disposing of their old stock. It is good to have a glance at the same and bring home a piece that proves its worth for long.
  8. Price – It is suggested that used phones are purchased after bargaining for the same. Many clever sellers could dupe you with higher prices. So it is good to first check the rate by going through the original bill and then offer a reasonable purchase price for the same. It should neither burden the buyers nor affect the sellers in adverse manners.

Do go through the above tips, grasp them and own second hand phones by paying a genuine price for the same.