The most famous app to download videos, audios and applications alike come with one question in the user’s mind. That so if there are any similar apps to Vidmate. The answer to thatis yes there similar apps to Vidmate, which gives similar support service to any user intending to download videos, audios and photographs from establishing application platforms.

However, are these applications safe for downloads? Will there be malware? Will there be a virus?

 Such questions arise in one’s mind today when; the internet is filled with viruses ready to infect your device. in general terms Vidmate can be stated as a safe platform to use. Questions may arise because to install Vidmate one has to go to their setting option and make sure that their device is capable of downloads from unknown sources. And this is the reason why people are doubtful of this application. Google Play is an established android marketplace. Apps have to go through a lot of scrutinise to avoid the distribution of malware or types of internet viruses. Although there are various kinds of apps which in the middle of the million apps m somehow manages to go through the filters.

The official page claims that Vidmate is a highly scrutinized application. It is free from virus and malware. It is often debated that Vidmte is not available on the widely used android marketplace because of the policy of the company of to not hinder or disturb the store application which could be used to download videos from famous platforms.

Why is it banned?

A client when downloading videos from sites of inline multimedia, as it is usually designed to download videos from such platforms which ensure to establish some privacy protocols. Each online websites or platforms have their intellectual copywriter and privacy protocols. However, it cannot be said that for downloading a video you might end up leading to the jail or the company would file a lawsuit against you. It is due to the technology what Vidmate uses is used by numerous other applications.

Is it illegal?

The platform and the technology by which it is used isn’t illegal. It is because the developers can choose the place to distribute the applications. So, in the end as long as the owners the developers agree to the distribution, it is fine to download from vidmate

So these are a major few reasons to the quarry of the app being safe and legal. Yes, they are legal. However, the question of their safety is still under strong debate. Some claim it to be quite shady and not a legal platform; others believe that this app bypasses Google’s basic copyrights. Some people do not find the features captivating or interesting enough. On the contrary, this app is the simplest way to download audios, videos and movies. The reason why it is the most preferred and used application by South-East Asians.