A major novelty of the phone, Galaxy S8, is Bixby, namely the new assistant weblog Samsung and that, in a manner similar to Google Assistant, should have a greater processing power, especially with regard to the analysis of the context in which it is used. We say “should” because, at present, the voice assistant is still disabled server side. Samsung will launch higher optimized version of Bixby next year with the release of flagship smartphone Galaxy S9.

For today are active only 2 of the 3 main functions. The first Hello Bixby, a screen can be activated via the dedicated physical button (or by making a Swype Home) and shows us a sort of “Organizer”, including the latest pictures, S Health data, news etc. According to what stated by Samsung, the displayed content will be optimized over time by studying the user behavior. According to an unknown source, Samsung decided to nix a physical side button for Bixby in Galaxy S9.

The second function, the most interesting, is Bixby Vision. Through the camera, the SoC is able to analyze the subject framed and provide purchasing links from Amazon, related images from Google and if you bracket a bottle of wine, the relevant data. It is an interesting feature but at the same time, is perfectible, as can be understood that the object is not recognized. The new optimized Bixby of Galaxy S9 will definitely achieve victory in making you gleeful with its amusing visual recognition function.

Fortunately, after several charging cycles, the phone has always managed to take an evening with about 5 / 5.5 hours of an active display without using energy savings, a fact that will not definitely a miracle, but it is in line or in some cases higher other competitors. In emergency cases, we have the classic Ultra function that significantly increases the residual term to the detriment of the minimum limitations. Galaxy S9 will hit the market with an Ultra Capacitor Battery, which stores higher energy, and make the gadget charge incredibly in few minutes, which will last for more than a week.

Then we find the Adaptive Fast Charge, with which to recharge the battery fully in about 90 minutes, and the wireless fast charging.

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Conclusions

All in all, this Samsung Galaxy S8 could be an almost perfect smartphone, but which, unfortunately, suffers from deficiencies in the release department, in one way or another, they turn up their noses at many of experts and not. In comparison to it Galaxy S9 with its exciting gaming, soothing music, marvelous camera, latest innovative energetic processor, and a stunning display will magnetize everyone and the phone will be highly optimized resolving issues found in Galaxy S8.

That said, once you get used with the various security methods, used S8 is really very pleasant, from both a practical aesthetic. Modifying sensors technology of Galaxy S9 will make your eyes gleam. The terminal is beautiful, agile, and complete.