From this beginning of the year, PUBG (player unknown unknown field) becomes one of the most popular multiplayer online Royale war games. Version versions released for free versions of mobile versions (other than Android) and in the United States for Windows platforms and in more than 122 countries. To play all PUBG games in your Android phone, you need to download all the Pub Lite applications in your handset. The game needs to download the latest Android version of 5.1.1 and 9.0 for the iOS version. To download this game, your phone must have at least 2GB RAM.

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The recently unknown field game has released a new version of mobile-laptops for Android devices, which are currently the mobile publisher of the Tencent Game Player. The gaming company targeted all those players who are low-budget Android devices. This new version of the Public Light App is well designed for their PUBG gamers who have low RAM in their Android mobile. This new public-laptop app is available free of charge from the free games store. This new version of PUBG mobile is compatible with all space space devices. It can make your Android devices faster with low-speed. It will not agree with the gameplay experience because it attracts hundreds of people around the world due to gameplay experience and graphics.

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The new powerful engine experience creates jaw-dropping skills with visual and graphic detail details. The realistic and big HD game play effects of this game are one of the best choices for royal players. Now less mobile space users will not have to worry about the gameplay experience. All they need is download the Public Laptop app with proper instructions and details in their Android mobile phone. Now they can remove themselves in the imagination world with high-quality audio and audio effects.

Difference between old and new version of PUBG app:

Some people claim that this new light version of the pag has a huge difference. While playing PUBG on your phone, it displays the same details of the same graphics in your mobile phone. The main difference is that this new version allows you at least 40 players on the game map. On the other hand, the old version allows 100 players instead of 30 players because the map size is better in this new version and therefore is due to adjusting the lower space in Android phones. The bad news is that this public-lite app version for low-budget Android users has just begun in the Philippines. So if you are living in the Philippines, you can easily download this new version on the Google Play Store.

The thing to consider while downloading pubg lite app version from Play store:

Now the Real War Royale Game is available for your handheld, which is 0.5.0 version for Android with the new publication of the Laptop app. Please note that this New Public Light App 0.5.0 is a real app file officially available in the Google Play Store. You do not have to add fraud, breaks, or gold patches to everything to download this file, you need to log in to the Google Play Store and search for this new app file. You need to review the details and instructions of all app permissions before downloading the Public Laptop app in your Android phones. This new version app file is now available lightweight than the 340 MB short version. Due to some reason this new version basically eliminates some features, but the best source of PUBG games is considered as the Ferga version.

Procedures to download and install pubg lite app:

Download the app app first.
Now find the PUBG mobile app and download the latest publication app file.
Now install the Public Lite app file in your Android phones.
If you were not living in the Philippines now, you need to use XXPN and fight war in other countries for the installation and VPN to be associated with the Philippines server. Buying a premium subscriber is to play the game. After registering yourself, you can set your location and connect with your handset via your local handset. Now connecting your mobile to a local server, you can play as a Philippines player from around the world