Despite being the owner of the iPhone, you can enjoy more efficiently than built-in functionality: There is a large range of applications for a fun and unmatched user experience. Come on with the popups you need to solve all three for iOS.

1. Gboard

Gboard by Google removes default iOS keyboards in all aspects! This intelligent keyboard settings have been activated – then, you do not have to interact with the simple app interface.

First of all, it autonomy the type of words, but you can delete posts by canceling it. Second, Google Search is already connected. Third, popup after typing various types of words, which saves time. Glide Typing is also supported.

Another incredible advantage of Gboard is the fact that it is 100% free. No ads are displayed when using your keyboard. The Google team maintains regular app updates. Recently, the audio input was improved, and the formation of the formatting was introduced.

With this, Swift features more than many other similar apps.
100% free.
Supports a mosaic of languages.
150 Mb size
Dictionary is not a lack of proper names and words.
Balloons are an Intuitive Keyboard Plugin in which the perfect solution for social media animals – with boot loads of emoji and voice texting.

2. Converter Plus

This is the most active calculator that you’ve ever seen. Although the convergence bridge becomes a naked bone solution, it is included in a wide range of currencies and units.

In addition, it helps to cope with every day, such as mortgage and debt, tips, and fuel consumption. A user can adjust current templates or add new created creates by other app users. Multiple currencies can be converted simultaneously.

Converter Plus is completely free. It’s compatible with the latest model of iPad and iPad. The currencies automatically increase the rate of analysis every 6 hours.

The app is updated regularly. Convertor Plus is incredibly easy to use: Units and currencies can be converted into some clicks.

Navigation is a breaker.
3 Mb size
Great functionality
Templates required for customization.
Converter Plus features everything you need and whatever you do not.


If you are tired of advertising and have push-notifications, install 1Blocker. It’s a versatile app that includes widgets, ads, cookies, comments, 18+ websites, and other types of content.

The interface is never already easy: open the app and move the slider to manage the management of content types. Without disturbing your browser, disturbing content can be blocked, at the same time, some websites may be blacklisted.

The app is free, but you can increase your functionality by buying 1Blocker Premium. Do not hurry to buy until you try the basic version – some users complained that it does not work.

Blocks unexpected ads and content of various types.
Easy to use
Maximum size of 40 Mb.
Does not work perfectly in recent months.
1Blocker is essential for those who need a click solution for annoying ads.

The above apps improve user experience and make life easier. They do not take much space but work and communication make the difference between night and day