When it was becoming hard remembering the hard and strong passwords, the introduction of biometric authentication is gaining so much popularity. From the last few years we are seeing so much advancement in biometric identification technology. The advancement has gone from fingerprint scanner to facial recognition scanner. This technology is adopted by a number of smartphone manufacturers and they are enjoying huge adoption from the customers as well. But what are the advantages of using facial recognition technology and why the customers and companies are luring towards this technology? Let’s find out below with some of the advantages which are followed by this technology:

Greater accuracy

We are finding the advancement in protecting our data and this has gone from using strong passwords to fingerprint scanners and now to facial recognization. This new technology is very accurate and uses a certain algorithm while unlocking the data. This higher accuracy is making is the first choice for many companies. There are many facial recognition companies in India which are providing and working on providing more and more accuracy with the facial recognization technology.

Better security

Well, this reason tops all the advantages which come with this technology. Although there are chances of phone being unlocked with a wrong fingerprint is 1 in 50,000, but the chances of the phone getting unlocked by the wrong facial recognition drop to 1 in 100,000. The 3-D facial modelling helps the system to work with better accuracy and hence providing more security to the users and the data.

Easy, Convenient and faster

With the advancement, we are moving towards the technologies which are faster and more convenient to use. So, facial recognization technology is one of these. The technology when used in phone helps in unlocking the phone faster than the fingerprint scanner. The technology is frictionless which makes it easy and convenient to use and loved by all.

Easier integration

While the set up of whole new security technology can cost a lot to the companies, the integration of facial recognization technology is very simple. Its simple tools let the technology to be integrated with existing technology which is very simple and cost-saving. This way, the companies can upgrade their security system with the advancement in facial recognization technology.

There are many other benefits which are provided by this technology. The 24*7 automated data helps in eliminating the need for security guards in every entry points and check the security cameras. This way, the technology can be used for automation at any time of the day. The advancement in done continuously in this sector and we are yet to see more of it in the coming future. The 3-D modelling of this technology will make it more effective in facial recognization and the better use will provide more security and accuracy.

So these were just some of the reasons why this technology is making so great name in the world of smartphones especially. The smartphone manufacturers are finding this technology provided by best facial recognition companies, appealing in their smartphones and users are welcoming it with an open heart. This leads to the huge popularity of this technology.