Samsung Galaxy S9 the best Android device coming soon


In the Android world, there are few devices that can boast the same reputation and stable leadership position as the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S. But the role of ruler “king of the hill” attracts not only positive but also negative attention and high expectations from the market leaders always wait longer than others. Whether the new Galaxy S8copes with this heavy burden? We can sure about that, but the next Galaxy S9 will write a new history for Samsung.

If last year’s Galaxy S7 has been one of the most beautiful smartphone of 2016, that the Galaxy S8 is certainly one of the most beautiful smartphone the2017. Its design quality materials, primarily metal and tempered glass Gorilla Glass. My hands got the phone silver color, which looks just fine. The smartphone behaves like a chameleon and changes color in different lighting conditions: it may appear silver or gold, and in bright natural light becomes like a pearl “inside out” shell. The device can also be bought in black, pink or gold version, they all look very good, although on the black device fingerprints and other traces of the use of much stronger than the light versions. The next Flagship will be Galaxy S9.

Oddly enough, this year the flagship is a bit thicker than its predecessor, but it went to him only on advantage. Firstly, it has become more convenient to hold in hand. Second, it allowed the manufacturer to increase battery capacity and, consequently, the operating time. Thirdly, if in the past year, the camera performed strongly outside the cabinet, but this year it appears much smaller, so the risk of soiling or damage is minimal, and it looks more harmonious.

The same applies to the “Home” button, combined with a fingerprint reader. On the Galaxy S7 is performed so that I constantly pressed on it by accident. At Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 is no such problem. It would seem a trifle, but such small things can radically change the experience of using a smartphone. This attention to detail on the part of the manufacturer has a positive impact on the user experience.

Finally, it must be noted that the Galaxy S8 again got features that were in Galaxy S6, but somehow disappeared from the S7: a slot for microSD memory card (supports cards up to 200 GB capacity) and the protection standard IP68. Now you can play the unit in the dust and sand, used in the rain or even drop into a shallow puddle, and it will survive all this without a murmur. Consider, Samsung bet on the Galaxy S9 in version of 256GB.