We are nearing the end of 2016 and so far we have seen some really good smartphones being launched in this year. Be it the new Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Note 7, Samsung has killed the market for the premium phones as it is the most bought premium smartphone in this world. We also saw some serious designs and tech from other manufacturers like HTC and LG. LG specifically made a lot of news as they launched a new modular design in the LG G5. It is the right time to talk about the LG G6 and see how it will compare with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6


Samsung have always been about display and in the S8, they are setting a benchmark in the display section as they will be using a 4K AMOLED screen which would put the current S7 to shame.

LG on the other side might or might not go for the 4K display panel but will definitely include some sort of dual screen. The dual screen will be present in the front only but it would be more like a small bar which will show you notifications, let you pause and play music and do a lot more stuff.


Being the flagship of the next year will mean that it has to be a lot better than the one we have in 2016. This is a great thing as Samsung is planning to include Snapdragon 830 Processor which isn’t even launched. Well, the next gen processor is said to be 30% faster than the current Snapdragon 820 processor. Samsung will use 6 GB RAM in the Galaxy S8. LG G6 will have a 4 GB RAM setup and will be coupled with Snapdragon 830 Processor. So Samsung S8 will have an edge over LG G6 because of additional 2 GB of RAM.


LG G6 will supposedly have a dual camera setup in the front which will definitely be a first in any smartphone and will be featuring a normal 16 MP laser assisted camera at the back. Samsung Galaxy S8 will have one of the best cameras as it will have a dual camera setup, one at 12 MP and another at 16 MP.


Samsung launched the Note 7 with an iRiS scanner so the Samsung Galaxy S8 will also feature an iRiS scanner along with the fingerprint scanner. LG on the other side is planning to go with the same old fingerprint scanner that we had on the LG G5.

One thing is for sure that both of these companies will continue to shape the future of the smartphones as we know today The News International Channel:.