How to Prevent Suicide Phenomenon of Cyber-bullying


In fact, the line between suicide and cyber bullying is extremely thin. The suicide cases that related to cyber bullying were very high in recent years. And cyber bullying is really not as simple as childish trick because the outcome can be very serious.

Using Flexispy tracking application will at least help your kids to prevent that horrible thing.

The issue on phenomenon of cyber-bullying

It is true that cyber bullying is much worse than face-to-face bullying. It gives devastating impact on youth generation. The internet allows everyone to be anybody they wanted. They can also make a fake account very easily and then they will brutally attack others through their harsh words and so on. When people feel it hard to say it in front of a person’s face, they will try to do that on the internet. Since internet provides anonymity, everyone could attack others without have to worry if their identity will be showed up.

The cyber bullying statistic is shown below:

  • It attacks everyone no matter what their gender is. Boys and girls could be the victims;
  • Less than 10% of cyber bullying victims could tell their parents if cyber bullying is affecting them;
  • 50% percent of teenagers report that they had been insulted by someone online;
  • 4 children out of 10 tell the parents that cyber bullying attacked them more than one time;
  • Less than 50% of teenagers got bullied from online;
  • 1 out of 10 children let the parents know that they are bullied.

Types of cyber bullying

In fact, there are so many types of cyber bullying you need to know. Here are the most dangerous types you may want to know such as:

  • Cyber stalking is threat or harmful messages that constantly sent;
  • Outing and trickery is the activity of sharing and posting the photos or other secrets that can be gained from trickery;
  • Login theft is when someone hacked an account or logged in to other’s person illegally so they can steal information. Later, they will send messages that cause damage or porting content that humiliates certain individual(s);
  • Impersonation is also another common thing on the internet. The anonymity allows the culprit to create a fake account and posting or creating inappropriate posts on behalf of others;
  • Flaming is shaming with foul and rude language through instant messenger or email;
  • Denigration is spreading false information that we called as hoax;
  • Harassment is frequently sending rude, insulting yet destroying comment to a person through email, messenger, or anything.

Flexispy to prevent cyber-bullying

The presence of Flexispy parental control app will allow you to prevent those awful things happened to your kids. If your kids seem like do not want to tell you then you can install this software on your kid’s phone. According to the package, you will be able to access all messages that come into your kid’s phone.

By that, you can be warned if there is a suspicious text that could lead to cyber bullying and you can prevent it before it affects your kid’s personality. So, use Flexispy for good.