How does it work? Pixie works in the same way as a metal detector or the popular kid’s game Pokémon. You log into the app and a screen will tell you about how far the lost item is and a directional arrow to follow. Once in range, the app will show a 3D image of yourself as you scan the phone around the room and then dings when it’s in the right spot. It’s audio plus visual at finding locations of your lost item. Sounds good right?


  • Can’t find your phone because the battery’s dead? Any other device you have the app on can find your phone even with the battery dead. Pixie works best if attached to your mobile phone.
  • The Pixie points can talk to each other which gives better location accuracy,
  • 50 feet indoors and 100 feet outdoors in range,
  • Battery life of 1 year and a 1 year warranty,
  • It’s really small and looks like a guitar pick,
  • It comes with a special Pixie case that holds the tag on your phone without adhesive,
  • It only works when you turn on the app to look for something you lost,
  • Has a last place seen map to narrow the search.


  • It comes with 2 tags but one (the sender) gets attached to your phone, if you want to add more Pixie’s you need to buy at least a 4 pack,
  • No replaceable batteries,
  • Only available for iOS users not Android,
  • You can’t really use your own phone case, even though it’s small, it’s thick and wouldn’t fit inside most,
  • No GPS, once it’s out of range, it’s gone unless the would-be-robber stays within 100 feet. reviews had a few of the same complaints and it now holds a 3.5 star rating over all the different sized packs with the most complaints coming from users who bought a 2 pack thinking they could track two items when in fact one is a sender and extra ones are receivers.

Of all the key finders on the market, this one raised my eyebrows. Its Bluetooth enabled and works similarly to the rest but Pixie is interactive and manages to somehow be both futuristic and archaic at the same time.

Overall, this is a pretty cool gadget, but until it can add some of the features others have and cut the price, it’s a little gimmicky for me.