In the face of a saturated domestic market, Chinese manufacturers are looking to diversify into new markets abroad. Several of he top Chinese brands are already making tremendous progress in this regard. OPPO and Huawei mobile smartphones are beginning to gain more grounds as their growth is increasing on-the-go in the Australian market. Roy Morgan gave a static of the figures of Australian users of the Huawei mobile phone to be growing from 87% to 471,000 between the year 2017 and 2018.

On its part, OPPO came into the Australian market in late 2014 but has shown a tremendous impact to emerge as Australia’s seventh most widely used mobile phone with 368,000 Australian users. Though there is remarkable growth for both the OPPO and Huawei mobile phone brands compared to other smartphone producers, they still remain behind Apple and Samsung which are the market leaders both in the global and Australian markets.

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