The latest review of the Google Android operating system for Android pie phones and tablets, and the biggest change that comes with is the artificial intelligence (AI) right in your pocket. The Android functions in Android pie change the way to communicating with your phone and change your phone conversations with you. We walk through the new features of Android pie and how you use it daily.

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First, name. It was not Picnic, Pumpkin or Potato that Google chose to update with Android for its PS, but pie. Now this name is known, can you install it for your phone or tablet?

If you have a Google Pixel phone, you can download the Android pie right now. Those who will soon be able to get access to devices in the Android family soon, while with one another, some other phones (such as Samsung Phone owners), have to wait for the news of roll by their producer Mobile.

Android Pie – A Great OS

Google wants Pie to make its fastest platform yet, and therefore, it has applied users to try again and again to try the machine. Android Payie learns from a user’s regular behavior, expects the next action, and you can change the options offered to her tubes, for example, depending on your potential needs. .

Google says its operating system will only be better over time, as you use it, learn more about you, and adapt.

Google EA machine is being hardened to learn, these people are being tried to find pie experience for devices so that you should take steps to take regular steps. It means fast and intelligent platform 2016 Latest Mobile Price in Pakistan & Specification.

Screen time cutting
As well as according to the new AI facilities, removing our online social relations and closing our online social links, our phone to reduce our phone with the features designed to remove our eyes from the digital world. Have to reduce To do this, exactly.

Apply battery

How can you use it? Battery life is a major concern for most consumers, so Pie Input Battery update heat is likely to be welcomed. Recognizing your general use, it ensures that the battery is strengthening the key users that use you, and do not open any unconnected apps in this background.

Attractive shine
what does it do? The brightness of your device adjusts your general preferences.

How can you use it? There is no new on the automatic flashing phone, but what is Google introduced to brightness not just room light but also your own preferences. Perhaps you like the super bright first thing in the morning and have to dial it late in the night. The attractive brightness will recognize it and adjust it accordingly.

This is a small quality life for those who are automatically fighting their phones with a bright setting.

what does it do? Presents an instant preview of apps at the moment

How can you use it? Really work on the Pie theme with this feature name, slices recognize your search statistics and offer you instantly in the preview window. Assume that you are waiting for a car and you start typing Lyft in Google. Before you finish the word, without opening a window-separated app, key information, such as the nearest driver and estimated arrival time, will pop up.

what does it do? Follow the apps that you use and offer them quickly

How can you use it? It may be a drawdown, as Google probably knows better than you in the next phase, so the app wants to learn about apps while using the most, and when, and bring them to the right time. You might use your headphones to start on your next podcast. The app will upload the app to your own headphones as soon as you plug in your plugin, and present it with the next podcast on your download list, ready to go.

Digital welding
Google wants you to use your device at least – or at least give you an option. There is a serious concern with the application of drug addiction and social media, perhaps it is not surprising that the company wants to be shown at least responsible and provides its tools to rotate its users at the time of the screen. wants to.

In many ways making it appealing to your apps less appealing (see below, see below), possibly cutting you into texts on any potentially social media updates, fonts or early hours. Intends to carry.