It is very common for people to “copy” the address of a well-known site, only change the extent of the domain. This is very bad from the point of view of Brand / Branding creation. You need to have a unique name of yours, so your name can be associated with a particular niche or product. If you copy an existing tag, the only one that can come out strengthened is the original tag.

In addition, there is the SEO problem. When the person searches for the brand contained in your address, which was copied from another company, it will probably be the site of this company and not yours. You will always have to compete with the website of this company that copied the name. That’s why it’s important that you choose a unique name and do a spreading job to strengthen your brand. There is nothing to create sites “imitating” Amazon, Facebook or other known companies.

Typing and typing errors

There is a good chance that users typing your site’s address incorrectly or simply make misspelling trying to access your site, that’s a big problem. If you intend to perform website domain search for a well-known domain name, which usually has a large number of direct hits, it is important to register domain names of your brand that can be typed incorrectly. It is important to register these domains early on as your competitors can register these domains first and thus harm you. Facebook, for example, has registered the “” domain (and many others) to ensure that people get to the correct site even if they enter the wrong address.

Another very important reason for registering these possible misspelled domain names is that there are many scammers who take advantage of these domains to run around and commit fraud. In this regard, when registering the domains with misspellings, always redirecting to the correct domain, you prevent someone from passing you or your company. Reg-names identifies domains that are easily spelled and also available.

Domain Keywords

Try to include in the domain name keywords that are important to your site or business. For example, if you have an SEO agency, try to put the keyword “SEO” in the domain name. There are a number of situations where you can include the most important keyword in a way that the site address remains “user friendly” and easy to remember.