LG G7 has a unique design concept


G6 was the first smartphone of LG, supporting the technology of Dolby Vision and HDR10 with an extended dynamic range. According to the developers of the Korean company, Dolby Vision and HDR10 set a new quality standard for mobile video, providing an even more realistic image with a bright backlight, clear contrast, and rich colors. Perhaps this is so, but it’s hard to see at this point in this statement – there is almost no relevant content yet. The hearsay suggests that the forthcoming flagship LG G7 will retain the technology of Dolby Vision and HDR 10 and the champ G7 is coming out next year, likely to be in January. The launch of the G7 phone will be held in Barcelona having a revolutionary bendable display.


One of the strongest side of the LG G6 smartphone. The diagonal of the screen is 5.7 inches (64.5 x 129 mm). The top frame is 8 mm; the bottom is 11 mm, the right and left – 3.5 mm. There is an anti-reflective coating. The resolution of the display is QuadHD +, that is 1440 × 2880 pixels. The density of the display is 564 pixels per inch. Aspect ratio – 18: 9 (2: 1). The matrix is made using IPS technology. The maximum brightness of the white color is 400 cd / m2, black color – 0.22 cd / m2. The contrast is 1800: 1. The company is going to enhance the value of the screen and would bring a deluxe 5.8” 4K OLED bendable display. The smartphone G7 will retain this 2:1 aspect ratio as well. Moreover, the screen will be highly secure with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. According to an Investor, the phone will come with splendid stereo speaker placing at the top position and fingerprint scanner embedded under the screen in a tiny 0.03mm slit and will acquire a higher speed than G6.

Furthermore, the design concept of G6 – At the bottom, there is a USB Type-C port and one speaker. The speaker is quiet. This is a kind of payment for protection from dust and moisture. The volume keys are on the left. The move is mild and quite large. On the back, there is a double block of cameras and a button for locking (unlocking/unlocking) the phone, it is also a fingerprint scanner. The speed of the fingerprint sensor is average. Quick it cannot be called. The camera unit consists of wide-angle and standard cameras. Between them is a two-section LED flash. According to some tittle-tattle, LG G7 will win the race with its 12MP frontakie and 22MP Dual-lens primary camera plus Dual color Flash. Moreover, the naturalistic colors, Dolby Vision, realistic lovely effects will behave as the cherry on the cake.

The result

After the failures of recent years, LG desperately needed a flagship like the G6. The Korean company returned to the basics and focused on the things that are really important for creating a lasting universal device, and in my opinion, they succeeded. After analyzing many issues during G6, manufacturers have become more careful, more attentive and choosier and so they are planning to take a turning point for modish technologies with LG G7.

Via: LGG7D.com