Lenovo zek Z1 come with 5.5-inch screen. The reason of the bulk size of a metal frame and a 4100mAh battery, the phone is available in 175g weight. It does not come with the unibody casing and the back side is made of the plastic, the battery is not user-accessible. The dual-SIM tray is located at the left side, within the frame. The phone does not support expandable storage, so there is no slot for a micro SD card.

There are two colour options for the Lenovo Zuk Z1 in white and space grey. The back side of the phone has a dull, metallic finish, as does the frame. The phone has Zuk logo with the back side of the phone the camera and flash are located at the Centre of the back near the top.

At the bottom side microphone, speaker, and USB Type-C port for charging and data transfers. The right side of the phone has the power and volume buttons, while the top has the 3.5mm socket. The screen occupies nearly 70 percent of the front of the phone, while the camera, earpiece and proximity sensor sit above it. At the bottom side the home button is integrated fingerprint sensor, and capacitive Android navigation keys. The sensor works quickly and accurate in unlocking the phone.

The screen of the Lenovo Zuk Z1 sports a resolution of 1080×1920, with a density of 401ppi. It’s a decent screen. The brightness is not as good as we had expected from an IPS-LCD screen. The screen does help with legibility under bright sunlight. In the setting menu, that allows you to optimize the colour tone of the screen based on the time of day.


The new smartphone is available at the 15,000. It is running latest MediaTek Helio or Snapdragon 600 series SoCs, the Lenovo Zuk Z1 packs in the higher-end but older 32-bit quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, clocked at 2.5GHz.

The Zuk Z1 also has 3GB of RAM, 4G connectivity on its two SIM slots (Indian bands supported), Wi-Fi ac connectivity, and a 4,100mAh battery. The phone has a significant internal storage capacity of 64GB as well, but there’s no support for expandable storage so you’re limited to that much.


The phone runs on Cyanogen OS 12.1, which is based on Android 5.1.1. Although there has been talk of a planned upgrade to Cyanogen OS 13 based on Android 6.0, this update isn’t available through the phone’s OTA software update system yet.

The home screens and app drawer can be changed to different layouts, the grid sizes, scroll effects and icon labels can be changed and toggled, and there’s much more to play with. You get a fair amount of control over how the user interface looks at its most basic level.

The Settings app also has a few different options that give you a greater sense of control over the device than most standard manufacturer UIs offer. The colour of the notification light for battery alerts, custom actions for the home and recent buttons, Cyanogen OS is the ideal operating system for advanced users Camera

The Lenovo Zuk Z1 has a 13-megapixel primary camera built on Sony’s IMX 214 sensor. It also come with the features optical image stabilization and a dual-LED flash. The front camera sports an 8-megapixel sensor, and both cameras can record video at up to 1080p, with the rear camera also featuring 60fps video recording.

The camera provides the taking pictures that are sharp and detailed, and manage to capture colour tones effectively and accurately. In well-lit images, the handling of light and dark areas

The recording of the Videos is fairly good in decent light, but it also suffer in low light condition. The functionality of the camera focus quickly and readjust to lighting conditions is commendable. High-speed and slow-motion modes produce good results with a clean sense of motion and fluidity.


Despite its two-year-old SoC, the Lenovo Zuk Z1 is a capable performer that outdoes a lot of newer options from both Qualcomm and MediaTek. However, you are likely to get better performance from the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 and 652 SoCs which are found on some similarly priced devices.

The Zuk Z1 ran for 13 hours, 40 minutes in our video loop test, the battery timing is good in ordinary and day to day use, the phone would last well over a day on a full charge, despite continuous 4G connectivity, a bit of gaming and the screen brightness set at the highest level throughout. Wi-Fi, cellular connectivity and call quality are excellent as well, the sound of the speaker IS not good.


Lenovo looks decent in hands. Zuk Z1 has  phone is well built, runs excellent software, has a good display, comes with plenty of storage, and has excellent connectivity and good battery life as well. It also come with the great screen which is sharp and can be tweaked and customized to your preferences.

Unfortunately, we also face the performance or compatibility issues during our time with the phone, it does run an old 32-bit SoC with a GPU that may have trouble with new games and apps going forward. There is also the previous version of Cyanogen OS and Android out-of-the-box, with no timeline on an update to the newest software. There relatively minor complaint given the ample 64GB of on-board storage, the phone does not support expandable storage. Lenovo Zuk Z1 is a great option nonetheless, particularly considering its price and the features on offer.

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