Kingdom Hearts 3 Leak Lists Locations


Kingdom Hearts 3 the following passage in the hybrid activity pretending diversion arrangement featuring Final Fantasy and Disney characters has had an abundance of data spilled with respect to conceivable universes or in-amusement areas.

Records relating to the eagerly awaited PS4 and Xbox One amusement were found on the web and their subtle elements uncovered on Reddit.

I will simply ahead and say that I’ve done my own exploration and I have kept running over the records that were apparently spilled,” claims Reddit client Rum3636.

I am not however ready to download any of them most likely because of the reality I don’t run any product and that Square has presumably evacuated these documents at this point (however they are as yet accessible) I will give the records that I have found and give my concept of what these universes are and in addition what other individuals think they are.

No discharge date for Kingdom Hearts 3 has been declared yet and on the off chance that you need your Kingdom Hearts 3 experience to be sans spoiler we suggest not perusing the accompanying rundown.

Kingdom Hearts 3 universes list

TS – liable to be short frame for Toy Story. Documents include: Airdroid robot, Gigas, Floor A , Floor B, Floor C, gumball machine, region doll arrange, areadoll flamenco, areadollshelf, areadollflamenco, areadollcastle, areadoll cushion, area osscube, and area boscone.

RA – most likely short for Rapunzel (Tangled). Situations incorporate Bonfire, Cliffhill, Curve Cliff, Limestone buckle, Swamp Clover, mushroom, lead blossom, rough grass, dead hornbeam, wetland lamp, burn, mountain, lavender, tower entryway, and branch. The Redditor noticed that it’s odd to see documents relating to Tarzan levels display here.

FZ02 – alludes to Frozen and there are a considerable measure of documents relating to icicles. “There is truly similar to icicle documents name A, B, C, D and Area records marked a similar way,” the client notes.

RG – Radiant Garden maybe. Has records for Castle, screen, PC, machine, entryway, pipe A, pipe B, pendulum, adjust stick, curve door, house, castle behind, and PC room.

DP – this one is more mysterious than the rest with the leaker recommending it could be for “Place where there is Departure possibly? Or on the other hand possibly it’s Daybreak P… Has a considerable measure of mansion records.

Castle Handrail, castle wall, castle stain glass, castle floor, castlestage.

HE – feasible for a Hercules-themed world with documents like groundstairswall, groundstairspillar, groundstairsbrokenwall, buildingroof, stone block, circular segment alleviation, curve stone, bend column, Hercules doll,pot broken, and pound.

PO – could relate to Winnie the Pooh’s tree. Records incorporate rabbit house, landry, honeypot, scarecrow, vegetables, scaffold, and fence.

DC – conceivably Disney Castle. There are records for library bookshelf, light, seat, ink bottle,library chimney, and puppy bed Read More Story.