Marketing is the most important aspect which has to be dealt with by any company.  Without marketing, the selling of aproduct/service is impossible. Previously, sales and marketing were considered the same as both related to earning revenue.  But today the value of marketing has changed. It is much more than mere transactions. Even though marketing a product or services results in sales, the effect of marketing remains for a long time.  On the other hand, a deal is a one- time activity. You sell the product or services and earn revenue, and that’s it. But if the purchase of a product or service is one time then how will the company sustain in the market.  There should be continuous work done on merchandise or services to improve and retain the income levels.That is where the importance of marketing comes into existence. Every businessperson has to make several marketing strategies to remain in the market  

Types of marketing

Some of the forms of marketing which can be used are as follows:

  • Word of Mouth Publicity:  It is the traditional method of marketing, and it is still being used very successfully.  Whenever you sell any product or service to a group of people, they will talk about it to relatives and friends, if they like it. The friend or relative will then refer it to the third person and this chain continuous.  That is called word of mouth publicity as the consumer himself praises regarding the product or service with another person. The quality in product or services has to be maintained by the businessman.
  • Internet marketing:This is the most suitable marketing method which every businessperson is using today.  It facilitates the businessman as he can approach a large number people within seconds. A businessperson should make use of every opportunity to market his product or service.  Making use of the latest technology in his strategies shows his talent in doing business. Some of the types of internet marketing are:
  • Paid advertising:  Paid advertising refers to placing of advertisements in local newspapers or magazines by paying certain fees.  The same concept is in the case of a website. Whenever you want to promote a product or service, place an advertisement in a social media network or any particular website by paying them some fees, your product or service will automatically get publicized.  There are some websites which help in placing your advertisement free of cost but how much revenue you earn is questionable. Pay per click is a type of paid advertising.


  • Email marketing: This is one of the standard ways of marketing through the internet.  Whenever any businessman wants to publicize his products or services, they can use email marketing. In short email marketing refers to the act of sending messages related to commercial aspects to a group of people with an intention to create an interest in them to purchase the product or service.   

Types of emails that you can send related to Marketing are

  • Advertisements emails:  Firstly you need to advertise your product or service.  The more attractive the advertisement, the chances of a person becoming a potential customer is more. When you are promoting, make use of Instagram to present your image or photos of the product or service.  When the picture is clear and useful, it automatically will create interest in the minds of the person who is receiving the email. Maybe instantly he /she may not respond, but the message will remain in their minds and some time or the other they will respond back.  So Instagram plays a vital role as it facilitates the sharing of photos and videos. Concentrate on your product or service and how you place it in front of your customer. Remember the first impression is the best impression. So when you attach the Instagram photos or videos along with written message ensure both are matching with each other. Your picture should relate to the matter you are trying to explain.  Since this is the first step, you should be very careful. Your primary objective should be to create brand awareness.
  • Request emails: Normally after sending repeated emails some customers get convinced with the product or service and agree to buy it.  For a repeated sale order from a customer, a request emails can be sent asking them whether there is any requirement of the product or service.  In case of any requirement, the person receiving the email will positively respond.
  • Promotional emails:  You can send emails to customers on a regular basis.  They can be informed about the latest schemes, discounts which the company is providing.  It is the best way to keep in touch with the customer. Provide some discount coupons along with your email to attract the customer.  That is an excellent marketing strategy. A professional company like Gramista can be approached for support when doing the promotional campaign.  This sort of activity requires an experienced and talented professional to handle the situation and increase the revenue levels.
  • Emails answering the query:  Nowadays every business has an email address and can be contacted through that address.  So whenever the customer has a question he/she can communicate via the email address. The customer service team will contact you immediately and answer your queries.  They may contact over the phone or through email.
  • Emails thanking their customers:  After a sale of the product or services, the marketing team must thank the customer for purchasing the product.  An email stating “Thanks” could be sent to the customer after sales. Even though there is no personal reason for thanking, you don’t lose anything by thanking.  It further develops the relationship between you and the customer. A single good step from your end may result in making a current customer into a loyal customer.

Email marketing does not include any personal contact of individuals. Email marketing does the initial work required before actual sales and after sales.  It only introduces you to the product or service. There is a separate team of professionals who will contact the customer to explain the product further and make your purchase it.  Whatever it is, always try to create trust in the customers through emails.