How to keep your laptop running great for years!


We’ve all had this problem: after a few months of using your laptop it begins to slow down. It seems to take forever to start up, and if you want to get on Facebook or watch a video on YouTube it takes even longer. If you’re having problems with your computer running slow here are some great ways and programs to keep your laptop in tip- top condition!

  1. Install virus protection!

If you’re anything like me, you’re also worried about catching a virus. Those random pop- up sites are so annoying, and potentially very for your computer. This can be helped by installing additional virus protection. Personally, I use IObit for protection, and it has yet to let me down! You can also avoid going to sites that seem suspicious, with many ads and pop ups. Sites like that are virus magnets.

  1. Clear your files!

Normally there are files on your laptop that you haven’t even looked at in months or years. These files take up valuable space and memory, which in turn slows down your computer. Take an afternoon to look at those files and see which ones are unimportant, and delete them! You can also find programs and to- do articles like this to help you clear space and get that computer running great!

  1. Clear Your Internet History!

This one has to be the most important and least thought about. Your browser history DOES take up space on your computer, and a lot of it. Internet history can be quickly and easily deleted, and should be deleted once every two or three months. This will help clear memory and RAM, which in turn causes your computer to run smoother.

  1. Delete old Projects!

Okay, this goes a little hand in hand with delete files, but there’s a small difference. Many college students have research papers and essays from semesters ago that are buried deep in their laptop. This could lead to the computer slowing down as the years progress. Go through those old projects and delete them! Or save them onto an external hard drive. If you’re looking for great laptops for college students, you can click here to look at some.

  1. External Hard Drives are your friend!

We’ve talked a lot about deleting files and wiping the memory of computer. But what happens when you find something that you want to keep? Well, you can use a USB or an external hard drive and transfer those precious memories and files over. That way, you can keep those files and still delete them from your computer. Other sites like Imgur and Dropbox allow you to save files and pictures for free!

Slow computers are really annoying, and can potentially become more of a problem. Sometimes a computer that runs slow will shut down permanently, erasing data and projects that were on it. To avoid this, use these 5 tips to make sure that computer runs smoothly for years!