We’ve all heard enough of the iPhone 7 already, and it is now time that we wait silently rather than predicting or hoping since it is now all done. So, to bring in some change, here we are talking about what is happening not-so-soon, which is, the iPhone 8. There are only higher expectations from the iPhone 8, and after the launch of iPhone 7, they shall get only higher.

iPhone 8 Camera Rumors

The one major feature or let us say a rather plus point and the key attraction is the iPhone camera. Some take it for a rather smooth processing, but most of us wish to have an iPhone when it comes to clicking pictures. So here we are discussing about the speculations that run around the iPhone 8 camera.

To start off with, there is this thing which people with iPhone’s think that there is no better camera, but, the fact however remains that if the MPs are considered, most of the flagships of any Smartphone company could beat Apple. The android phone these days come with a minimum of 12-13 MP rear camera which goes up to as high as 21 MP. So, considering what iPhone , 6S and 6S plus brought for us was rather inferior. Moreover, Samsung is improving the camera quality with each flagship device they launch, and to stay ahead of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple has to come up with something innovative and marvelous.

However, we are hoping and also speculating that this might change with the iPhone 8, since iPhone 7 has features which are more or less like the iPhone 6s. With the iPhone 8 Apple might return to the flush design and the protruding design, which has been seen in the previous models shall now be replaced. All this is done to introduce into the iPhone 8, dual sensor technology which shall bring for us a better, sharper and a clearer image. iPhone 8 to feature dual SIM It enhances the low light capturing facility and also, in addition to that, it provides better images while moving.


So the iPhone 8 shall definitely bring some major changes to its camera, one of which is expected to be a dual sensor technology for clearer picture, which would have otherwise been a mess.

So that is about it. It is for now time until we say something too concrete about the iPhone 8 so it is rather feasible to simply let the iPhone 7 bring to us some really cool features and we all hope that they are in support of all the rumours we’ve already speculated. After it’s all said and done, we will then have an entire year to figure out what would the iPhone 8 camera bring for us!