As an IOS user,  when you need to back up or transfer files, you must have a period of time, whether they are audio files or other multimedia files, because you are purchasing a new iPhone or for any similar security reason. At this particular time, you have two options to move to a safe place, one is a common usage of iTunes and the other is to use iCloud storage iPhone manager free.

However, there is a problem with iCloud. After a certain size, you have to spend more to buy more space, which is expensive and the iTunes process is very time consuming.

That’s why IOTransfer Studio makes iPhone Transfer software called IOTransfer, which helps IOS users transfer or back up any data from an iPhone or iPad or iPod to a PC or Mac.
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• What is IOTransfer?
• What does IOTransfer provide?
• Transfer and protect your music collection:
• Keep your memory forever:
• Protect your applications and other data:

What is IOTransfer?
IOTransfer is an IOS transfer and management software that helps you transfer files, photos, videos or applications from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your PC or Mac. You do not have to worry about iTunes and iCloud because IOTransfer handles everything simply by transferring one-click files across devices iPhone photo manager free.

It can also be used as an iPhone manager and kept in sync between the iPhone and the PC or Mac. You can batch download files, you can batch management and delete files.

What does IOTransfer provide?
IOTransfer provides an easy and convenient way to transfer data from your Apple device to your PC or Mac very quickly. With its intuitive, easy-to-use user interface, any Apple user can import and export music, videos, photos, podcasts, books and voice memos between their Mac device and their Mac or PC.

Transfer and protect your music collection:
Whether you are exercising or traveling, listening to music from you The iPhone, iPad or iPod is an integral part of your everyday life. With IOTransfer, you can transfer your list of songs from your Apple device to your PC or Mac, or from your Mac or PC to your Apple device.

Simply connect your Apple device to your PC or Mac using a USB cable and start using IOTransfer for transfer. IOTransfer also allows you to export your music to iTunes. Just select the music you want and click the iTunes button.

As shown above, IOTransfer displays your list of songs in a very easy way. You can also batch transfer by selecting the batch you want to import or export. There is no limit to transferring iPhone music.

Keep your Memory Forever:
Images and videos retain the memories of your life, but you’re disappointed when you find there is no room left. To use iCloud, you have to spend some money.

Well, IOTransfer can help you solve your space problem. With IOTransfer, you can transfer and back up all your videos and images from your Apple device to your PC and Mac. Simply connect your Apple device to your PC or Mac with a USB cable and you can export or import the images or videos you want.

IOTransfer also allows you to transfer a large number of pictures and videos by simply selecting all or those you want to transfer and then clicking the button Export to PC on your PC or Mac and clicking Add to import from your PC or Mac.