A report from AnAndTech has revealed that many eve smartphones have already been programmed as their result has increased when a popular benchmark tool is running a 3D map.

During the benchmarking process, this device will create hidden ‘performance mode’, which has increased the use of the device’s power and battery – it is a style that is prohibited by the UL’s quality rules and instructions.

Consequently, the Huawei P20, Huawei P20 Pro, Huawei Nova and Huawei Honor Game has been rejected from the online rating of all UL benchmarks.

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UL says “dial-up devices are incredible, and without marking, 3D mark scores should not be used with dialured devices to compare models below the popular list of best smartphones.”

Huawei responded with the following statement: “House has always stabilized user experience rather than following high-quality scores – especially when smartphone quality and consumer experiences are directly There is no connection. Even smartphones use advanced technologies such as AEC, to improve hardware performance, CPU, GPU and NPU.

When a photography launches an app or a graphic game runs, Huawi’s intelligent software enables a smooth and stable user experience by implementing the full potential of the hardware, while at the same time the device Temperature and power efficiency. For applications that are not as powerful as browsing the web, they will only be required to supply the performance of this resource only. ”

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In standard quality standards, while accepting a benchmarking application of acoustic software, it is based on mentally” performance mode “and saves maximum performance. Air users are” performing mode ” Is planning to access so that they can use the maximum power of their device when they need them. ”

As Airways – Industry leader – is ready to work with partners who can experience the user to find the best quality standards.”

This is not the first time a big boost like HIV has been caught to promote benchmark. Samsung, one plus and other similar methods have been exposed to similar methods. However, it appears controversial in the history of Howa.