More and more customers are using their smart phone to search for information online. According to the research by 2019, 67% people are using their phone worldwide and this number is increasing day by day. The demand for Mobile technology is growing so this is the best time to start a business in this sector. Starting a mobile phone shop is a profitable business, as it generates more income. Planning is a path to success. But before starting your business it is necessary to register your business as a sole proprietorship and obtain GST. Here are some rules to start the Mobile phone shops.

Market place

The mobile phone market is expanding and there is always available room for another player. You should research the market and come with unique idea. Find out other local businesses in the niche. Look at the most successful ones to consider what they have in common. Do they sell a unique mobile phone which is rare or hard to find? For standing in the market you have to do promotion of your business and location of your business should be good because in market place location is very important. What extra care they offer to sell the phones?

What You Will Sell?

You have not only a mobile phone option.  You can also offer related accessories and products such as charger, cables, memory cards and headsets. This is helpful to generate additional income as well as provide everything in one roof.For every business GST is very important so before starting you have to do GST registration as well as it is compulsory.  For illustration in 2017, Android device overtakes windows as the most popularly used mobile phone system, and on the same year, Huawei exceeded Apple for the first time in history. By these market trends, you can understand what customers expect and how you can meet their changing needs. Now evaluate your budget. How much you can bear to spend on products, rents, marketing, and staffs. Don’t forget consider the cost of permits and licenses too. Write down everything, do proper planning and come up for your mobile phone start-up Download Vidmate App.

Find Out the Best Location-

Where your location of mobile phone shop is, has a direct effect on your business growth rate and success? Ideally, select a prime local space or one in close nearness to other popular stores that are not literal competitors. Even though these locations may cost more rent, you may pay off in the long run. If you cannot afford a premium location, choose one that is close to other businesses to ensure greater visibility and the constant stream of consumers.

What Kind of Licences You Require-

Before starting a mobile phone shop, it is necessary to get an electronics shop license.  This required also applies to retailers who sell related products such as video, audio equipment, computers and tables. But if you have less than 30 electronic goods on display, then the license is not required. You get the basic application form and then get the sales tax identification number.The simplest way to find your local state agency is to go to the SBA website and find out by location. Find out the form you require and fill out and send the form by mail or online. Additional permission is required if you are going to offer mobile phone repairs and other services. Your electronics shop license will be ready within a few days or week it also depends upon the type of business and size that you are planning to start.

Find Out Supplier-

After complete the legal requirements process to sell the mobile phone then select the suppliers. In common the bulk you will order the more money you will save. Online directories like ThomasNet and MFG, feature hundreds of suppliers in different corners. If your sources of money are limited so you can order a cell phone from the online market place such as Flipkart and Alibaba. Be sure that the product will be fully functioning and genuine.

How Will You Bring The Customers In?

Now your mobile phone store is started according to your plan. You should make create website and social media pages, which will be not so much expensive. Depending on your budget you can also invest in TV, radio ads and newspapers. In the first few months, you have to target the local media for your business start, grow, developed and expand services across the state. This will help you in brand awareness and generate extra revenue. Study about customers need, If possible, offer additional services to attract and engage with clients.

I believe this Article is helpful to understand How to Start Mobile Shop in India. If you have any query and want to get more information you contact with us.


I believe this Article is helpful to understand How to Start Mobile Shop in India. If you have any query and want to get more information you contact with us on