HONOR is back with a bang, committed to delivering high spec phones at a reasonable price. With their upcoming HONOR 8C launch, this has never been more evident. Boasting a two-day use cycle before needing to be charged, it exceeds expectations in this Department for a phone priced to appeal to mass audiences. Its large battery doesn’t compromise phone size either, the 8C is still packed into a sleek aesthetically pleasing body.

The Honor 8C also connects their flagged surface e technology with a powerful lens, which is the best on the market. Honor phones are increasingly established themselves as devices, which specialize in their own field.

In addition, this is a screen that looks impossible at the phone at that price. It has a large display with dynamic colors. The 8C performance competes with the highest flagship chips on the market with high speed processor chip. Feel like a dream with the display and applications combined with high processing power using applications. Convert happiness to normal eyes.

It is packed in this power house of all the features and more than one phone, but it can be determined that its power is being offered at the cost which will not break the bank. Combining the market to keep the trend of the hovering only when you thought you knew your limits.

8C is a premium interior level phone at a cheaper price, with all the bellies and expensive advanced tool sets. Hand sets will start in Pakistani markets in the first week of February 2019.