Although iPhones are great, Androids currently dominate the mobile operating system market, and one of the reasons for this might be the customization opportunities it presents to users. Mobile launchers provide almost unlimited customization opportunities to Android. A “stock” launcher provided by your device manufacturer includes your home screen and access to the apps available on your device at a minimum.

Without a launcher, in fact, Androids would be inoperable. If you are having problems with your stock launcher, you may need a software reset or something might be wrong with your hardware. You should head to a repair shop for cell phone repair.

If your Android is up and running though, you might enjoy personalizing your phone even more with a third-party launcher. These launchers are feature-rich, smart, and present you with amazing customization capabilities. Here are some of the best for 2019:

Buzz Launcher

If you are looking to personalize your phone, you might want to look into the Buzz Launcher app. For one, it offers “Homepack Buzz,” a service that offers more than seven hundred thousand home screens that were uploaded and shared by numerous users.

Built into the app is a RAM cleaner and an app-locker, eliminating the need to install extra apps for these functions.

Gestures are available to help you access a variety of shortcuts by swiping your fingers on your home screen.

A feature also worth mentioning is “Screen Effects.” This is similar to live wallpaper, allowing you to enjoy animation effects as an overlay of your current wallpaper.

Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is lightweight and fast and was created with users in mind. A unique feature is the app drawer – a sidebar dividing your apps into categories.

You can obtain more screen space by hiding the navigation bar, and the theme color changes based on your wallpaper, offering further personalization.

Gestures are available, but limited in the free version. Also, note that ads will show up in the sidebar if you don’t pay for the premium version.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a favorite among Android aficionados, and for good reason. It’s light on battery, lightweight, and fast.

Your personalization options are endless – you can customize the notification badges, the dock, folders, icons, tons of gestures and more.

ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2 is easy to use, stable, and fast. There are hundreds of options to customize your phone. For example, this launcher can change the interface color to match your wallpaper on the fly.

An exciting possibility ADW launcher offers is that you can create and modify your widgets with your own colors.

What’s more, there is app indexing on the app drawer, icon badges, transition animations, customizable shortcuts and a number of other handy features.

Rootless Launcher

This app is brought to you from an open-source project to transport all of the Pixel launcher features on to any non-Pixel device.

If you’re interested in Android Pie launcher features, look into this app.

It may not be highly customizable, but it includes most of the features you will find on the Google Pixel.

Evie Launcher

Evie was built for performance and speed. If you are looking for a smooth launcher, Evie Launcher might be for you.

You have your choice of search engines to use, although the app is somewhat gesture-limited.

The Universal Search function allows you to search within your apps from one place. It’s got a variety of home screen customizations and shortcuts, and you can personalize your folder grid and your app drawer.

Niagra Launcher

If you are looking for a customizable launcher that won’t bog you down with apps and options, Niagra might be the launcher you are looking for.

This app’s focus is on minimalism, so the app comes free with no sponsored ads or bloatware. The app is also smaller, so it will work quickly on lower-end devices too.

If you are into minimalism and captivating design, you should try Niagra launcher.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is visually appealing, coming packed with thousands of icon packs and themes available on the Play Store. It’s lightweight and optimized for both smartphones and tablets, a unique feature.

If you’re into customization, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can add up to nine home screens and hide apps that you don’t need in your app drawer.

You can use the launcher to sort the apps drawer according to title, date of installation, or frequency of use.

Google Now Launcher

This launcher was developed by Google, as the name indicates. It’s target audience is non-pixel device users who don’t like their stock launcher and would like a true Android experience.

Although there isn’t a ton of customization you can do with this launcher, there is a smooth app drawer, handy app suggestions, and the Google search bar can be customized as well.

Finally, this launcher adds Google Now cards to your device – just swipe right on the home screen.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher features a lot of customizations from Microsoft, but it is built for Android.

One home screen has the Microsoft Timeline feature that resembles Google Now cards, and it has the capacity to update new wallpapers from Bing each day.

A panel shows you recently opened contacts or media.

If you are a Microsoft user, you will enjoy that it will be synced with your entire Microsoft account. Therefore, you can see your personalized feed, search results and much more.