After the relative stability of the year, the Global Mobile Handset Industry has eliminated massive change as a recent report. Counter-point research suggests that the combined handset profit of China’s brand has hampered $ 2 billion in 2012. The profit earned by Chinese OEMs in a single quarter.

Global Handset Profit Q2 2018: Apple is still the King
According to the report, brands like Apipio, Wave, Hawwa and Zia are leading an unhealthy Chinese invasion on the global smartphone industry, so far many companies of this industry – Samsung and Apple. Nevertheless, despite the flagship of all the production problems associated with their flagship iPhone X, and due to the lack of passion around the unusual iPhone 8, Apple kept a tremendous profit in Q2 in 2012. The fact is, Apple acquired 62 percent of the total. Q2 2018 handset profits!

However, despite the status of his dominant market, Apple has shocked his coach. These shares of profits were actually less than 65% shares, which they enjoyed in Q2 2017.

However, Samsung’s problems are nothing compared to their big rivals, Samsung. The South Korean smartphone wall has trimmed the quarter, with its flagship slopes of the Glacier S9 smartphone, it has a negative impact on the bottom. The share of Samsung’s global handset profit was 17% in 2018, which was 22.3% in Q2 2017 in 2012. The fact is this continuous continuous year, during which the share of the handset industry has increased sharply.

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China’s Brands Handheld Profit Q2 2018: The Joy Of All Shocked
However, Samsung’s loss is the benefit of the Chinese smartphone industry. Eve, OPPO, Wave and Zia, in large chains of the China handset scene, made a huge boost in the share of their overall industry. Huawei’s Global Handheld Profit is 8% in Q2 2018 in 2012, which is about 4% in Q2 2017. It has increased by more than 107%. Vivo increased its handset profit by 24%, now the Q2 2018 increased by 4%. On the other hand, OPPO had increased by 23% overall, up to 5% of the total handset profit.

However, in the absence of this quarter, the biggest winner of the quarter was lost. Z2998 increased the handset profits by Wholesale 747% in Q2, 3% of global handset profits.

The fact is that Chinese handsets are becoming more profitable OEMs are not really a surprise. The fact is, Chinese brands have mobile handset profits Q3 passing through $ 1.5 billion in 2017 – for the first time. However, then the styling was less than two quarters, as the overall Chinese OEM profit Q4 2017 dropped by $ 1.3 billion, and continued unusual performance in 2018 Q1 when it’s smartphone delivery time. Kept it In this sense, the Q2 2018 has some of them a small resort for.

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So why the Chinese OEMs are suddenly starting to become so profitable? There are some factors behind it. The main factor focuses in the middle range of the market and the premium parts. These sections generally enjoy a lot of profitable profit margins, compared to low end, where margins are thin. Nevertheless, the question is how these companies convince customers to embrace reliable names brands like Samsung and Apple and embrace the Chinese Revolution?

Wave is very easy – innovation. For years, Chinese OEMs were just playing catch with big boys. Companies like Apple and Samsung will innovate with attractive new features, and Chinese OEMs will add them to one year or two line in their own offer. However, now Chinai OEMs are now leading the line in line with creativity and innovation with modern technology such as screen fingerprint sensors, triple cameras, etc. These extremely future features are clearly credible by many smartphone buyers today, and the data backs up the idea. Another factor that is profitable in the Chinese OEMs’ emerging markets, especially India is a great success. In fact, the Chinese manufacturers’ strategy in India has proved very effective that it has decided to compete with local and local Samsung compared to local.