AlibabaGroup a Chinese company is one of the leading mobile manufacturers of the world. One of the main brainchild of this company is 9apps that has gone on to been a revelation. You can download movies, songs, themes or clips directly on to your mobile device. The official site of this app supports the feature of Apk file download. In fact there are thousands of applications that can be installed for free on to your device. In this app there are filters in place that makes you choose wallpapers or themes of your choice. This app because of its unique features has evoked a lot of interest among the masses.

Notable features of this app

Before we venture into the domain of 9apps download, there are some key features that will make you fall in love with the application all the more.

  • The app seems to be user-friendly. As there are different categories in place it makes it easy for a user to download an app based on their category choice
  • For the people of Indonesia and India this app is highly optimized. For the neighbouring countries of India they can try this app as it has been designed keeping their interests in mind
  • Time and time again it has been discussed that this app is light weighted. Just it is going to consume 3 to 4 MB of your Android space. Being light in weight there is no scope of technical glitches or goof ups.
  • Among the third party application stores it is the best. Though there are numerous number of third party apps but this one is rated to be the best.
  • Even being a third party app this is devoid of any form of malware or virus. In relation to any malicious content the app has strict rules in place, so there is no need to worry about a slow connection due to a virus problem.
  • The collection of ringtones along with wallpapers is immense as you can download any number of times without having to shell out a single penny.
  • Any content along with applications in this store is free of cost and you do not have to churn in any money so as to download anything from the site. All the features that you are looking for in an app are provided in similar stature to downloading from Google play store. The chances are high that you might come across some extra features that you might have been deprived earlier.
  • This app has given due importance to your security, so do not expect any of your personal information to be leaked.
  • In the store there are .apk files in store as no other android markets provides you with apk files for downloading
  • For all your apk application and android application it is a one stop solution for your needs.

To sum it up, 9apps is one of the prominent apps in the market. Being available in around 14 languages adds up to its popularity.