Well, Hawaii – How fast is 5G? Well, here at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit on Motorola’s Z3 phone and variance network, we downloaded a video file in about 470 megawatts – about 17 seconds per second.

It is less than the promise of multi-GBB that we are hearing from 5G, but it is important to understand the context here. Visas established a network that was running more than one demo in the same room: a low-linked television demo with Innovo, a video streaming demo with Samsung, and the cool demo with Z3. In other words, it was a crowd network, as we are going to end in real world. And in the real world, where you get 20-40Mbps regularly on LTE, 5G on 470 megapixels is very beautiful.

The company’s next round of Motola was after the announcement of its 5G Motto Mode in August. The mode is a bag, which looks a lot like battery packs, and its manager is associated with the Motto Z3 phone to add 5G capabilities to the visas network.

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At this time, a “fast 5G phone” property was seen as a fast and easy way for the variants to claim when a real 5G phone was not yet announced. Snap Dragon Summit has shown this Samsung’s iPhone 5 with Samsung, with Z3 is still a place as the first midrange 5G phone. The phone itself only costs $ 480, so if the mode is not too expensive, it will be announced under this collection so it will be assured that Premium Prices for Samsung and LG phones have yet to be announced. Will go

Fast, but gigabit does not show the importance of talking about the speed of the speed, but about average speed and floor. People with 4G phones usually feel pain when their phones fall on 20 MBP, but when their phones go to 5 MBP; destination money is low on today’s fourG networks.

If 5G handled any handle and took advantage of 10 demo performance which we saw in this demo, eventually a true feeling would be like a broadband experience – some now have been promised carriers for a decade. . We have to see how the visas network performs in the wild when it starts at the beginning of 2019, but for now, signs are encouraging.