There are numerous applications available on the internet which help in the performance of various tasks using smart devices. The applications have completely changed the way people perform various tasks. Such apps can be used for both entertainment and productive purposes which makes them all the more appealing. Such applications are developed by companies engaged in the apps development business or by independent developers for better customer service. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Vidmate:

It is a video downloading app which allows users to download videos from any website straight onto their smartphones. Users can search for a particular video or can copy and paste the designated link into the search tab for downloading the video. The app has its own download manager for faster access to downloaded videos. Downloaded videos are compatible with various devices and can be transferred easily. Users are recommended to install the latest version by clicking on Vidmate download 2018 version of the application for full benefits.

  1. PicsArt Photo Editor:

One of the highest-rated photo editing apps on the internet, PicsArt Photo Editor helps in the editing of images using inbuilt plugins and filters. Users can even use various stickers and frames in order to improve the appeal of the images. All the templates are available free of cost and can be combined to improve the overall quality of the image. User can add shadows, change color and even combine two or more photos to make a collage for business or social media posting purposes.

  1. UC mini browser:

It is one of the highly-rated browsers on the internet. It is a lighter version that is faster and efficient than the original browser application. One can search and even download content using the browser. Downloaded content is saved in the download manager for quick access. The data optimization feature of the application helps in the reduction of data pack consumption. Inbuilt Sync option allows users to access the content searched and downloaded across various devices.

  1. WPS office:

The application acts as an all-rounder business application that helps a user to create word and pdf files, edit/format content and share the files with one other. Users can even preview the files created on the application. It has an interactive interface and an inbuilt file converter which can help in converting the file from one format to another i.e. word into pdf etc. Users can even click pictures of the documents and convert them into scanned copy for quick access and better visibility.

  1. InsTube:

It is a video downloading the application that helps in downloading videos from various online video hosting websites. The interface is user-friendly and easy to understand. Users can download videos in HD and Ultra HD resolution depending upon their needs. The application provides great downloading speed even in areas of low internet connectivity. Even the file size is small which makes it perfect for lower-end smart devices.

The above-listed apps should be downloaded in order to get a hand on experience of the benefits they provoke to the users. Users must look for the latest versions like Vidmate download 2018 in order to get timely updates related to the applications. These apps have become an important component of everyone’s lives.