When you are traveling, you tend to use a lot of data. The data goes into maintaining a connection with your friends and family who are back at home. You can visit through Algarve Golf breaks to check for suitable travel destinations.

The following tips will assist you to avoid extreme expenditure on data:

Background Data

When traveling, ensure you turn off the background data for your mobile phone. Applications tend to run on the background even though they are not in use. When operating in the background, they consume data. You can save on this data by turning it off. In cases where you need some apps to operate in the background, you can switch off background data some apps.

Handy Phones

Many hotels partner with handy. They then issue clients with a phone they can use during their stay free of charge. The phones usually have local numbers. You can use the phones to access your social media accounts. You can also use the phones to call back home or communicate with friends and relatives.

Portable Wi-Fi Gadget 

Travel routers are ideal for travelers. Here, you avoid using your mobile data to access the internet. There are many types of routers that you can buy. They vary in prices depending on the number of users it can connect at the same time. When you have a personal router, you do not have to disconnect the connection. 

Data Roaming

When you travel, you should turn off data roaming in your handset. When it is on, it consumes a lot of international data charges. You can find the data roaming in the setting of your phone’s internet. 

Getting International Data Package

While you are away, you may need to check your email or other important information on the internet. You can contact your service provider to know about the international data packages. They get to give you estimates on the pricing. You can also compare the rates to other companies before making a purchase. 

Prepaid Phones

When traveling to foreign countries, you can buy a prepaid phone. Shops at airports and mobile shops sell these phones. You can use it for the duration of your stay. The phone should have the local numbers. Using a local network is always cheaper. The major shortcoming is that you cannot use some of your favorite applications on the phone. When the duration of your stay is over, you can resort to selling the phone.

Controlling Individual Application’s Data

You can turn off the data of the applications that you consider unnecessary. Here, you go to your device’s settings, then to the Cellular Data. When you scroll down, depending on the phone you use, you will be able to see all the applications on your phone. Choose which ones will drain data during your travel then turn them off.

Lite versions of Applications

Companies such as Facebook have come up with lightweight versions of their applications. The purpose of the lite versions is for data conservation. The applications have low data consumption as compared to the original ones. Examples of the applications are Twitter lite, Facebook Lite, and many other Google products. 

Traveling should not be very expensive. Use limited resources. Save where you can. The amount of money you will save, you can channel it to other uses. Enjoy your travel.


You can tell your relatives, friends, and family that you will be unavailable once you travel. Here, you get to enjoy your adventure without spending on data. You save a lot since you do not use any data.