SMS texting is the go-channel in this digital world to engage with different brands and more and more people are finding it extremely easy and helpful to embrace and to buy products. Ideally, creating better marketing campaigns is easy with effective text messaging and usage of the common short codes. This helps the business brands to increase traffic in their stores and at the same time helps them to convert more customer leads into prospective sales.

The common people are the primary target for almost all marketers because they are the most significant users of the smartphones. They love to use it and are hooked to it almost the entire free time that they have and even sometimes in their work with a bird’s eye view on ‘What’s Up’!

According to a recent study conducted by OpenMarket it revealed that about 75% of the millennialprefer to choose a text only phone over a voiceonly phone.

In an another study conducted by the SWNS digital it is found that by the age of 14 any average child is found to have sent more than 35,000 texts, 30,000 messages in WhatsApp, and have been involved in video chat for more than three solid weeks.

It is also found that on an average, the common people using smartphones spend about 135 minutes each day looking at the phone screens. This makes them the perfect target for the marketers providing them with a greater opportunity to offer several different discount coupons via text messaging.

Reasons for it

There are several reasons why shirt codes are used for marketing in these modern times.

  • One specific reason is that these asynchronous texts are better than a voice call as these are far too less disruptive.
  • Another significant reason is that more than 63% people are known to prefer receiving texts rather than the disruptive and annoying voice calls.
  • It is also found that more than 62% of people who received offers and discount coupons of different products this way were more receptive than the traditional ways.
  • Short code messaging and marketing is supposed to be far less invasive and much more personal by the common person.
  • As for the brands, those that use the SMS channel to market their product usually get an open rate of 99% percent along with an amazing conversion rate of more than 45%. This is comparatively much higher than using any other forms of marketing.
  • Texting a short code also gives a much quicker open rate wherein it is found that about nine out of ten text messages are opened within three minutes of receiving.

All these suggest that this is a very powerful form of marketing which is why it is being capitalized by different brands to its fullest.

The process followed

To make sure that the brands get the desired outcome of using the common short codes the entire process is followed in a much strategic way.

  • At first, a shortcode and a keyword are created for promos.
  • Customers are then invited to sign up for the different offers made by text.
  • The promos are then rolled out across different locations.
  • This helps the brands to increase the sign-ups more easily.
  • The shortcodes are usually rented out by SMS providers.

Marketers usually rent the exclusive use of these shortcodes for a specific time period but there are a few big names that get their own permanent shortcode to use for a longer time period.

After this initial stage is set up, the marketers then add campaign keywords to the codes. This enables the SMS providers to re-route the text messages accordingly. Ideally, texts are used to send messages manually. These text messages include:

  • Enrollment deadline reminders
  • Different quotesand
  • Other information.

These text messages usually generate more than 15% conversion rate from the leads because the brands generally have a greater opportunity to market their product to the consumers in a better way through text messaging. This specific form of messaging allows the brands to establish a better communication with the customers in exactly the same way in which they intend to communicate with them. As for the consumers, they too want to engage with brands through mobile messaging.

Use of common short codes

It goes without saying that increasing footfall in a store and converting the visits and a lead into prospective customers is not an easy journey. Short code service and SMS can provide the brands with an edge. There are several different commons short codes options that the brands can choose from for their mobile app marketing campaign that will ease up their effort.

Common Short Codes provide the brands to get their consumers to download an app that is in context with the real world and current surroundings. These common short codes bring an integrity and context to the marketing efforts of the brands making it an effective and useful strategy for maintaining ongoing as well as longterm engagement with their consumers.

The brands can also place any in-store ads using a Common Short Code and tell their customers to text a five or sixdigit code to download the app. This will enable them to deliver the desired link instantly to their smartphonesthrough an SMS message. Therefore, this simple and effective onsite marketing strategy will help them to attract new app downloads more easily and at the same time create furtherpromotional opportunities and brand loyalty.

You can even use the Common Short Codes easy app downloads as part of your larger marketing program. It will help you to mix print, radio, online, television, apps and other forms of advertising. These codes will give the mobile users an operational tool with which they can immediately respond and interact with the brand or product. After that they can get the related app.

Therefore, to sum it up, it can be said that the app developers as well as the business brands stand to benefit more by using Common Short Codes. This trend has lots in store for the mobile advertising industry.