Recently, the new trend in electronic commerce is called Entertainment Shopping, betting sites that sell luxury products and high-tech stock liquidations, directly from the stores of distributors and manufacturers with incredible discounts.

The experiences of the winners can be seen in the blogs or forums that exist in the network, with stories of the incredible transactions made in highly desired items. Although they are sold at very expensive prices in traditional stores, they can be purchased online for a fraction of their price, thanks to new and revolutionary ways of buying. A Samsung S8 for € 90, or an iPhone 8 for € 180? Now it is possible!

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But the advertised prices seem too good to be true, so some journalists have researched these new websites, to make sure that the promised transactions are actually delivered. They have put their eyes on the Samsung S8 for quite some time, so they decided to try to get it on one of these websites.

After investigating which of the different competitors to prove, in terms of credibility and reliability, they came to the conclusion that SubastaVIP seemed to be the best candidate to serve as an example of this new form of online shopping, due to its excellent reputation.

And VIP Auction really fulfills its promises!
Once the journalists registered, a very simple and fast process, they received their free credits, and began to look at the auctions of the moment. They were intimidated by the great selection and the rapid pace at which users bid, but after reading the help section of the website and after a few minutes of observation, everything became clear to them.

So they joined an auction for a mobile they wanted with gusto, and were pleasantly surprised, after less than an hour, they won it for only € 189! A brand new iPhone X still under warranty, valued at more than € 1159 in store, for less than € 200!

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They still could not believe it, so they decided to wait for the actual delivery of the mobile phone. A few days later, he arrived directly at his house!

Since they could have been lucky, and a single victory is not truly a valid test, then they returned to VIP Auction to try to win something else, with the remaining credits. And this time, they went directly to the biggest prize: a Samsung Galaxy S8, valued at € 809. The competition with other members of the web was hard, but they could still get it, reaching an even better discount and spending only € 87.90!

This place is really unique! Once again, delivery was fast and customer service is really useful. You can say that VIP Auction has definitely convinced you!

How to use VIP Auction?
If you want to enjoy the same crazy discounts, you will need only a few instructions to get started. The way to operate this new type of purchase can be intimidating at first, so I will try to explain in a few steps how you can obtain the same discounts that we achieved. Despite what you might think when you look at it for the first time, it is actually extremely simple: