With better and improved technology, we can do a lot of things that were impossible in the past or five to ten years ago. Now, we can do video calls and talk to everyone using the internet and without spending any extra money. Internet, as well as smartphones,is the best thing for today and they truly create the digital world.

In the digital world, almost everything is possible. Like, many people wish to monitor someone or spy on their smartphones and they can do it. There are many apps available nowadays that help you track any device and whenever you want. But there is a problem for the users. They don’t know which app they should use, which features an app offers and why it is better than others. In this post, we will talk about one of the best spy app for Android devices and tell you why you need this.

BlurSPY: A Cell Phone Tracking App

As the name shows, this is a spy and monitoring app. With this app, you can track any cell phone or Android device anywhere in the world. But all you need is a phone, this app and internet connection. The app is pretty simple once and offers a number of amazing features that make tracking phones easy.

It should be noted many apps claim to offer similar features but they are a hoax. The features don’t work and slow down your device. Even the target device can detect those apps. But BlurSPY is the best and most optimized phone tracking app that can never be found. It works in the background and never lets the users know a spy is installed on their device.

Features of the BlurSPY Phone Tracking App

The features of BlurSPY differentiate it from other apps. Here we are going to list the best and most important features for tracking a cell phone that BlurSPY offers to the users.

Tracking Phone Calls

When it comes to spying a phone, most of the people want to track the incoming and outgoing calls. They don’t just see who calls or receives the calls but they also want to listen to the conversations. This is what BlurSPY does. It allows you to listen to every call on the phone and record them as well. You can block any numbers to restrict their calls.

Tracking Messages

As you spy on a phone, the text messages are really important as they carry secret conversations. For many people, it is not possible to track the text messages but BlurSPY does it in the best possible way. The app lets you track all the sent and received messages as well as check the details like sender or receiver’s phone number, text body and time of the messages.

GPS Location Tracker

With BlurSPY, you will also get a location tracking feature. This is one of the most important features when it comes to tracking phone. The feature is actually useful for parents who want to monitor their kids and know about their locations and the places they go to. BlurSPY allows users to track the live locations as well as see the weekly history of all locations and places the target device went.

Social Media Tracking

Many people just want to track or monitor the social media use of android devices. This includes all the social sites, apps, messenger and newsfeed. You can do all this with easy using the BlurSPY app. You will have access to the messages, conversations and private chat. BlurSPY makes spying on any social media platform really easy and provides the exact details. You will also be able to record the screen of the phone.

Multimedia Tracking

We know that all the people keep some multimedia files, audio recordings as well as voice messages. These documents are very important and sometimes contain sensitive details. With BlurSPY Android spy, you can check all the multimedia files including the images in the gallery. You will find out some useful information if you track the multimedia.

Remotely Control

Last but not sure the least, you can operate and run the app remotely. It performs all the tasks and runs features wherever you are. You will just to turn on the feature and BlurSPY will do start spying on the device. Parents, as well as employers, can remotely control the devices with this feature and it will make their work every simpler.