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Apple iPhone 7 Specs in Pakistan

Storage: 32GB-128GB-256GB
Network: 4G LTE
Display Size: 4.7 Inches
Operating System: iOS 10
Camera: 12MP Primary – 7MP Secondary  buy Phone jambo.pk

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iPhone 7 Price in Pakistan – Specs and Features

Everything you need to know about the Apple iPhone 7

As the new Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been launched, fans are jamming our online shopping store to get the latest handsets. Don’t hold out to get your new phone because it will be sold out in no time. So, without further ado, let’s get into the major Apple iPhone 7 and specifications and features. Here is a brief view of all the features in Apple iPhone 7:

Apple iPhone 7 Price Factor:

The launch of iPhone 7 specs and features has led to an incredible amount of support, added to the controversy buttered devices. It’s time to hold on to the new iPhone 7 as it’s finally here. Now that you have found all the reported iPhone 7 features, are you convinced to buy the new iPhone? Then, buy online as offers the best iPhone 7 price in Pakistan Latest Galaxy Mobiles

Check Apple iPhone 7 High-End Specs – Features

iOS 10:

The foremost thing for which any Apple fan will gladly pay the set iPhone 7 price in Pakistan is its new operating system. Several security – related errors are corrected, and the operation is optimized on iOS 10.

3D camera:

The 3D camera, also known as telephoto cameras are finally here to bring a revolution in the world of mobile telephony. It is so radical that we find it almost impossible to imagine that the phone you carry in your pocket is able to capture images in three dimensions. However the smaller version of iPhone 7 is only equipped with 12 MP camera Galaxymobile.top.

Smaller screen:

Apple iPhone 7 features a smaller screen size of 4.7 inch with a resolution of 1334-by-750. The size is smaller than Apple’s previous version but you can always shift to iPhone 7 Plus which has a screen display of 5.5 inch.

Touch ID:

The feature that we have seen in the Apple Watch, is now available on the new Apple iPhone 7. Recalls that the Force Touch technology allows the iPhone to respond not only to swipe across the screen, but the exerted pressure. Apple iPhone 7 is equipped with second generation fingerprint sensors instead of a Home button.

Sapphire Crystal:

Great things come in small packages. Regardless of the small size, Apple Inc. is now using sapphire in the Apple watch display and it is conceivable that the organization has started importing this material on your next smart phone too. The sapphire crystal is stronger than Gorilla Glass, so could be an excellent combination with its large size.

Aluminum Casing:

It turns out that the new Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have the same aluminum casing as its predecessors. The casing presents a tidier look with replaced antenna bands that are tucked into the edges of the phone OnlineBuymobile.com.

Fusion Processor:

The processors are using an A10 Fusion chip. The new chips are expected to be small, more productive and obviously more convincing. It is 40% faster and powerful than the previous possessor.