The battle is on between Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs Apple iPhone 8


The two big giants are again ready to lock their horns to win the battle of best smartphone of 2017-18. Samsung has already launched Galaxy S8 earlier this year and gained a lot of appreciation from around the world for their infinity display with additional features. According to the latest rumours, Samsung and Apple are going to launch another addition to their industry as Samsung will launch Galaxy Note 8 and Apple will launch the most speculated iPhone of an era, iPhone 8. Both the companies are planning to launch their products in the time of few weeks in front of the world and there are few things that you should be aware of

Release date of the smartphones

There are event invitations which have been already rolled out by the Samsung which is supposed to happen in coming 23 of August which will be held in New York. The image consists of a smartphone with the stylus which is believed to be the latest smartphone by the company and it should be Galaxy Note 8. The company is planning to make the world aware about the latest smartphone that will be a straight competition with their rivals. It is certain that the company will come up with the new phone but availability is still uncertain.

This is the most speculated topic as the grand event by Apple is edging closer which usually held in the month of September but some of them believe that the company will delay the launch of the product by this year. There are some issues with the technology that they are still fighting with but it will be clear by coming September or else fans have to wait till 2018.

Price of the smartphones

Earlier Samsung was known for the user-friendly smartphones in terms of the price which has been changed drastically. To meet up with the latest technology, the price has been raised and it is believed that the price of the latest Galaxy Note 8 will touch the 1000 dollars mark or even above that figure. It is also dependent on the country and other regional factors.

Now when it comes to the price of the smartphone, iPhone is known for the most expensive phone in the market and Apple will continue the same trend and with the launch of iPhone 8, it will become the most expensive devices, US technology firm has ever created.


Already the company is known for the infinity display which was launched earlier this year and believed that the Note 8 will also be loaded up with the same display that will be an edge to edge. The S Pen that will come along the Note will improve the user experience while scribing on the screen. The giant will also loaded up with the latest camera technology that will be a dual-lens camera, wireless charging, improved battery life, and fast processor. Just like Apple, Samsung is also struggling in implant the fingerprint scanner under the display and that will be the only missing part of the technology in the powerhouse.

Apple believes that with the launch of the latest iPhone 8, they will able to produce the smartphone of the next generation. It will be packed with all the latest features and upgrades that will leave all the smartphones behind in the race. It will come with AMOLED screen that will cover the whole front of the phone with the much faster A11 processor. The big screen creates an impact of a big iPhone but the size of the phone will be relatively low.