iPhone XS is the most wanted phone as it is having great features like the OLED display with HDR1 of 5.8 inches and 12 MP dual cameras with dual OIS and 7 MP true depth front camera. The phone is dust and water resistance (maximum depth of 2 meters and up to 30 minutes). iPhone is having some special features like Wireless charging, Face id for secure authentication, portrait mode, and lighting, etc. The Warranty Period of the product and other accessories is for one year from the date you bought the product. All the repairs and replacement of the product for any defects is coved under warranty. In case of screen repair or replacement of the screen will be done but it depends that its and accidental damage or a due to a manufacturing defect.

Warranty covered under apple care

The warranty varies from product to product, as there are various products available from Apple brand. The standard warranty includes all material defects. The standard warranty does not cover any on- apple accessories, physical damage, and liquid damage to the device. The accidental damage is not covered under Apple Care, only manufactured damaged or defect is covered under Apple Care. You can get Apple-certified repairs and the services at Apple Authorized Service Providers. The Apple Authorized Service provides you with high-quality services and with the genuine parts replacement in case of any damage of screen.

For any service, you can visit the Apple store it just that you need to book an appointment before visiting, as the appointments are treated with high priority.

Is physical damage covered by Apple care?

Most of the screen damage is caused by accident, and if broken iPhone XS screen repair is caused by accidental damage, it will not be covered under Apple warranty. In case if your screen cracks due to some manufacturing defect, it will be covered under the Apple warranty and consumer law. Accident damage covers the service fee for screen repair and any other damages fee. The warranty can be claimed in any authorized Apple store.

For broken iPhone XS screen repair it takes time as the screen will be replaced if you visit the Apple Authorized Service Providers they will be able to do it with a day or maximum 2 to 3 days. You can also visit some local stores for repairing, but all the stores will not have the original screen for replacement, and it will take time to repair, and the cost will also be high. If you repair your phone from any non-authorized Apple brand after this, the Warranty will be void from Apple. The iPhone screen is also available online; you can place the order for the screen.

If any problem occurs in your iPhone after the expiry of your warranty period you can still visit Apple Authorized Service Providers for the service they will help you after your warranty period also. After the expiry of the warranty period, the service will be provided to you, but the services will be chargeable.