College is a new phase of life and can often be overwhelming. As a freshman, you need to come prepared. Fortunately, there are lots of tools that can help you to blend in well. One crucial tool is Google. Do you have a question? Just google it. It makes it so easy to get information at the tip of your fingers. Imagine how older generations who had no access to such resources coped with their school assignments. With your smartphone, you can get apps that ease your life as a freshman. The experts at US Essay Writers recommend 5 top apps to have as a college freshman. They include:

  1. Scribd

This app is one of the largest online libraries in the world. It offers up to 400,000 books on several topics. It allows you to find a research topic in one spot. Also, Scribd offers resources for students who want to build a personal library. You can also download eBooks to read later. It could come in handy if you need to get research for your assignment or just read a cool novel to unwind.

It is available on both iOS and Android operating systems.

  1. Evernote

This app is simply amazing. It does everything you need from taking notes, recording audios, snapping photos, to managing to-dos, and attaching files. It also syncs the files across your devices.

Evernote also allows you to draw or write anywhere in the notes you have uploaded. You can also edit the rich text. The design is simple and you can upload all the information you need and sync it to access it from the cloud. It may be ideal for taking lecture notes and recording important information. Users of Android and iOS can download this app.

  1. Google Drive

This app offers free 15 GB storage for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, or PC. Moreover, it allows you to store important files on the cloud and access them on any of your devices. With the app, you do not need to use a USB drive. Simply attach your pictures, essays, videos, PDFs, email attachments, and PowerPoint presentations on computers and devices.

This app may be more effective if you use it with other Google productivity apps such as Google Docs. It may be useful for group projects since it stores files on the cloud.

  1. EasyBib

Some freshmen have difficulties when it comes to writing bibliographies. Unfortunately, this aspect cannot be escaped in college. EasyBib is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create citations in different formats. It works for APA, MLA, Chicago and other formats as well.

This application stands out because it automatically searches for a source by its name or URL and creates the citation for the source. It is one of the most important apps to have as a college freshman.

  1. Mint

Young adults may have a hard time handling money. Since you’re going to need a lot of money in college, you need to have a budget. Mint helps you with this and gives you updates so you can know when you are overspending. It also shows when you have extra cash to spend. It gives an insight into your financial situation. All your credit cards, student loans and bank details can be accessed on one page. This way, you won’t have to get multiple apps to manage the accounts.

Getting this app in the freshman year will help get you ready for the life after college. You will also learn to be financially prudent at all times.


Many of the apps listed above are free for download on iOS and Android operating systems. They can help you manage time, spend wisely, and follow smartly.