Video blogging or vlogging wave has become a big component of the digital era. Many people capture memorable moments through videos in their lives and share on social media each day. These videos are fun and interesting because they can see time and time again.

Many of these phone brands have these amazing phones’ amazing cameras capabilities that dance DSLR cameras. If you are watching a unique camera capability or a specific camera’s strong perspective, this list is for you. Best Smartphones for Vlogging, 2018/2019.

Huawei P20

Although HVV P20 did not make the largest business in 2018, you should not consider it. This is an alternative to other expensive phones from Galaxy S9 and top brands.

Huawei P20 is too much for it. Apart from the fact that it looks great, such a high-end phone is a good camera with some extraordinary capabilities, on the trial price.

Her brother does not have a triple camera, however, the Huawei P20 Pro, a great camera is still great that there is an additional camera of zoom or X-ray vision.

In fact, behind the P20 P20 Pro is not behind the lens count because it still packs two, and more, they are branded too. Behind behind it is 12MP color snapper, which connects with 20 MP monochrome sensors, which uses depth mapping on portrait, is used to capture detailed rich monochrome images and improve colors too. . With P20, you will get a 12 MP camera, with ½.3 sensors and pixels, with size 1.55.

All this meets a / aperture of a f / 1.6 on hybrid focus of the mono camera on the mono camera, which promises to provide excellent results for making the best P20 for wigging.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Sony is coming as the first game to capture the “Motion Eye”, XZ Premium users can act as fast as possible, enjoy the amazing speed of a break-off.

You are going to enjoy some of the benefits of stick memory. This is predictive capture features, which work when detecting the sensor movement and the shutter button immediately or captures before or after pressure.

With the new ½.3-inch sensor, the Megapixel XPperia XZ will decrease from 23MP to 19MP, which is quite large, to improve the low-light image and take 4K video at any 960fps. Some other modes are available, such as recording and slow movement over 120fps have increased, and a shot is a super-slow movement that simply shoots the shutter key and shoots a five-second clip.

However, the pepper feature 720p video recorder is at a normal speed, on which you press the right-click button to start the high frame rate.

The Xperia XZ Premium is a great vigilant camera. Recording with amazing detail and great colors on video output of 1080p, but recording on 4K will get better results, especially when they have passed 1080p.

You might have a slow shutter speed in low light conditions with XZ Premium. At the moment when animation creates blurred images, and you want to get the shot back. In addition, Sony used to use its hardware. The XZ premium is the second best phone for solid, fun and vlogging.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9 + is one of the best smartphones in the video. Although this can not be the most exquisite camera phone, it definitely holds a high-quality video with the best Gold round smartphone experience.

Galaxy S9 + two rear camera features, straight down with it with a secondary 12MP sensor with 12MP sensor. The main sensor specializes in the phone specially, it first facilitates the F / 1.5 aperture to a phone camera, which means adjusting the speed of any light faster. It also includes a new dual aperture technology, allowing it to easily transfer between F / 2.4 for less light between F / 1.5, with which it has excellent performance in low light with good light and dynamic colors. Enables to demonstrate. The AutoFax feature has lost a lot of time and video stability is very good.

What Samsung Galaxy S9 stands, however, has the ability to reduce the noise while shooting video. It pulls in a light and low noise and includes a drop in its image sensor stock, which can make 12 frames instead of photos 3. With Galaxy S9 +, you can record slow speed at 240fps at 1080p. And the slow motion slow 720ps at 720pps.

All the features that are easily accessible to the camera application, make the perfect phone for Galaxy S9 + video recording.


G6 removes the concept of its previous dual cameras, but now with two sensors now offers 13MP resolution. The wide angle lens also comes with angle of 71 degrees with angle and F / 1.8 aperture, while the super wide angle is 125 degrees and a slow F / 2.4 aperture, which means the low light image will not be very good. The G6 also offers 4K video capture, stereo sound recording, and laser air system.

The LG worked with Qualcomm two of the 835 CPUs in 2121 for dual cam smarts to execute them. 8. As a result, it is a mischievous process to result in switching sensor, giving the feeling of the same camera.

Although LG G6 has some problems; While the detail is good, colors look slightly bit on the spot and the dynamic range does not compare with other high end-end Android phones. Ultimately, wide aperture significantly helps in low-light conditions, although pixels are still small as they were in G5. Details are decent in dark conditions and the noise is kept at least.

While G6 is not the same as the other high-end phones, when you consider the price, it is still up to it. This is definitely the best central range camera phone in 2018 and is the best budget smartphone for Vlogging.