Galaxy A52 5G review: Samsung’s best phone under $500

Samsung’s budget phone is filled with smart compromises that keep the price low and the features bountiful.

With the Galaxy A52 5G, Samsung found an appealing balance between price, features and making smart compromises. It’s the latest good sub-$500 5G phone and joins the nearly half a dozen phones from Motorola, OnePlus and TCL. The Galaxy A52 5G costs $500 or £399 (it isn’t sold in Australia but that converts to AU$740). That’s at the higher end of what’s considered an affordable phone. The A52 5G also straddles the line between being a good affordable 5G phone and a fantastic one. The only other sub-$500 phones that do that are the iPhone SE, which doesn’t have 5G, and the Google Pixel 4A 5G, which is now almost a year old.

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