May 9, 2021

vivo X60 Pro+ review


Pro+ signifies the top-of-the-line model in vivo’s roster and we have this year’s X60 Pro+ for you today. Headlining the (rather confusing) X60 series, the Pro+ comes with an all-out Zeiss-branded quad-camera system, a top-tier chipset, and a beautiful AMOLED display, all in a fancy (sort-of-) leather-clad body.

The camera is the X60 Pro’s key selling point, featuring four focal lengths with something special about each module. It’s mostly big sensors all around – the ultrawide uses a big sensor placed on a gimbal, the main unit has an even bigger sensor (gimbal – no, OIS – yes), the short 2x tele has a big sensor as teles go. Big sensors are hard to fit in a periscope tele camera, but you do get big zoom – 5x in this case.

Of course, any 2021 flagship smartphone worth its salt has to feature the Snapdragon 888 chipset, and the X60 Pro+ is no exception. The dual-curved AMOLED display is Samsung’s contribution to this vivo’s appeal. The one thing giving us pause is the modest battery capacity, but the vegan leather on the back suggests that looks were high on the priorities list, so a slimmer profile took precedence over autonomy.

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