Motorola Moto G100 review


Bridging the gap between the affordable G-series and the more upmarket Edge models, the Moto G100 is Motorola’s take on a high-powered midranger. Indeed, with a mighty Snapdragon chip at the helm, a few interesting camera choices, and potential for PC replacement use, the Moto G100 is indeed a promising package.

We brought up the Moto Edges for a reason – the Moto Edge S has been available in China for a couple of months, and the G100 is essentially that. Minor differences can be found in a head-to-head spec comparison but we’d say that a few extra degrees of coverage on the ultrawide cameras are hardly consequential.

The important stuff is certainly the same, and that starts with the Snapdragon 870 chip – an even higher-clocked, ++ version of the top-tier SD865 from last year. That enables one of the G100 headlining features – the (oddly named) ‘Ready For’ functionality for using the phone as the heart of a desktop computer, Samsung Dex style.

There are other unusual bits on the Moto G100 too. Its 16MP ultrawide camera on the back has autofocus and a ring flash, offering some serious potential for close-up photography. At least of equal importance is the secondary camera on the front – you’d be getting ultrawide selfies on top of the regular ones.

In this context, the display looks almost too mainstream. It’s a 6.7-inch LCD that maxes out at 90Hz – it’s not an OLED, and it’s not a 120Hz panel either. It is particularly tall, however, at 21:9, so there’s that.

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