Analysts: the iPhone 13 phones will feature LTPO AMOLED panels from Samsung Display


Last year Apple had a choice – a high refresh rate screen or 5G? It chose to support the next generation networks, so the iPhone 12 family was left with 60Hz displays. This will change for at least two of the iPhone 13 models, according to analysts.

The Elec quotes UBI Research that Samsung Display’s A3 factory line, which was dedicated to supplying Apple with LTPS OLED panels, will be converted to produce LTPO panels instead.

LTPO was originally developed for the Apple Watch as it allows precise control of the frame rate (unlike LTPS) and uses less power to boot. The downside is that these new panels are harder to manufacture.

That is why the capacity of the A3 line will fall from 105,000 panels per month (as it was last year) to 70,000 per month, after the conversion is finished in the first half of this year.

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