1 in 2 users are looking to buy a new smartphone during festive sales: Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2020

Here are the first set of insights from our ongoing survey

  • Almost 50 percent survey respondents are planning to buy a new smartphone during festive sales
  • Almost a third of the surveyed users would prefer buying a Samsung smartphone
  • In the premium segment, the OnePlus 8T is being considered by 3 in 10 people
  • In the mid-range, the Samsung Galaxy M51 has been chosen by 40 percent respondents

We all know how fast technology can change, but arguably, the most dynamic sector has to be the world of smartphones. Things in the smartphone arena can change at the drop of a hat, with quite a few factors affecting the fortunes of the brands involved, and many variables at play. Apart from tracking the devices themselves, we at 91mobiles actively track trends, user behaviour, buying patterns and a bunch of other metrics relevant to the smartphone industry in India. And the latest edition of our Great Indian Smartphone Survey will be revealing quite a few insights in the coming weeks.

This time, we will also be adding a few points on how aspects like user behaviour and buying patterns have changed based on the shift brought about by the ongoing pandemic. Before we get into all those insights though, we have a set of points that are extremely relevant now, given the start of the festive season in the country and the associated online sale events. Thanks to Amazon’s Great Indian Festival, Flipkart’s Big Billion Days (BBD) and other such sales events, Indian consumers are being treated to a mind-boggling array of deals and discounts. The insights we have available to share now are largely centred around how these offers might affect buying patterns. Just so you know, this analysis is based on a survey conducted via Google Forms, distributed to our audience via our social channels, and while the following points are based on 10,000+ responses, we’re still collecting more as you read this.

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